Is there a lawyer in the house- NOT Afraid Of Twitter?



While there are countless reasons to detest Twitter, they remain one of… if not THE top advertising venue for Internet-based digital content— such as my Intellectual Froglegs.

And I also know—I am just one of thousands being censored by Twitter.  

I cannot prove shadow-banning, nor can I prove any other malicious manipulation of my Twitter account—  but I can prove [via our emails] they are –without just cause–  denying my business the right to advertise.  And they’ve been doing so since at least June 2018.

They claim my content ‘violates’ of their terms.  They say if I remove the violating content they will reconsider.  But they continually refuse to identify the content they claim is inappropriate

As we have started a new year, I respectfully asked again.  And you will see their robotic response.

And again, Twitter’s robotic refusal to cooperate..  

And in yet another act of futility on my part— I have again asked them to identify the inappropriate content. But I will spare you more of this ridiculous circular communication

I do not believe this is a free speech issue as much as it is discrimination and unfair manipulation the marketplace.  

Back to my original question: is there a lawyer in the house NOT afraid of Twitter?

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