It’s time for Christians & Jews to say “Bullsh*t”

Man has tried for thousands of years to disprove, discredit and debunk God and the Bible.  Holy cow, how much more time do you guys need? Another hour? Another millennium?

NOTHING has ever been so thoroughly scrutinized & so meticulously studied…but the more they dig—the more ‘evidence’ that they find that actually SUPPORTS God and the Bible.  Oops.  And when we say ‘evidence’ —we mean ‘scientific data’ aka, that complex stuff used by smart people to prove that, among other things— ‘there is no God.’  Ironic, huh?

Some of the greatest thinkers in history, despite the most clever of analogies and theorems have failed. Darwin couldn’t do it. Stephen Hawking can’t do it. Christopher Hitchens couldn’t do it.

Yet, in an amazing display of ‘fact-less’ arrogance, they remain undeterred.  These ‘icons of superior intelligence’ mock and ridicule those of us that have faith.  BUT—as they have failed to prove otherwise— are they not also required to have ‘faith’ that there is no God?   The answer is “Yes, they are”


And somehow our faith in a Supreme Intelligence is silly and buffoonishyet their faith in a magical cosmic fart is intellectual. Right… and my unicorn wears Bermuda shorts.

These elite ‘super thinkers’ can’t even explain something that is right here, right now ‘our consciousness’ —a.k.a. our ‘awareness, reasoning & free-will’ as human beings. Why do we know, love, laugh, cry, get angry, think, create, solve and dream?  Or what about our inner sense of right and wrong? How can it be that—-like snowflakes—no two people are identical? (thats a LOT of different blueprints)  Yet these anti-God intellectuals speak with such pompous certitude of a random chemical happenstance that created the universe and all of the living things within it…  including this baffling thing called “consciousness.”

But you see, Christians are not at all baffled by this—in fact, it makes perfect sense—our consciousness is our soul.

“You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.” ― C.S. Lewis

Archeologists have also found really cool artifacts and fossilized evidence of many of the ancient cities and historical figures described in the bible.   Today—many physicists (besides Hawking) not only believe in God—but also embrace and marvel at the magnificence of GOD through their science.  

And it’s also extremely important to point out that many of these folks actually began their quest as Atheists on a mission to disprove God (“a funny thing happened on my way to my scientific debunking of God…”).


ON THE FLIP-SIDE…The basic foundation of Darwinism and its ridiculous Tree of Life can be discredited within minutes (see: Cambrian Explosion)… as can The Big Bang theory (matter cannot create itself from nothing), and the new ‘preferred religion of these Anti-God folks, “Islam” is some twisted evil nonsense that says Abraham and his boy, Ishmael (from the book of Genesis) built Mecca… but they just “forgot to mention it” in the bible.   Right.   And Moses had an iPod.

How can any true believer in intellectually-honest science and in truth’ teach Darwin…yet omit the Cambrian Explosion?  One would have to be blinded by such a contemptuous bias to not even allow the discussion–it defies rational thought. And inconceivably—that is precisely what is happening in our schools.  Check for yourself.

And if God & The Bible are such nonsense—what are they afraid of?  Allow the discussion—prove how stupid we are once and for all.

Of course, there are ALWAYS those who possess such an unprovoked, irrational hatred of even ‘the notion’ of God, that they’ll cling to anything to validate that belief… regardless of accuracy (see Darwin, Big Bang Theory, the Purpose Fairy, etc).   And this absolutely requires BLIND FAITH.


Sadly however…while we Christians are busy turning the other cheek, the anti-God forces are busy sodomizing us, and passing legislation to make it legal.

Now as a Christian I can tell you, I have two cheeks—at best, four.  But my point is this, after we turn the last cheek— we better start fighting back, while we still have something to fight for.

MYTH: Christians are pacifists

This continuous turning of the other cheek has not lessened the attacks on God, our symbols & our traditions, its increased it—and they continue to increase as I write this.

Stand up and defend yourself, Christians!  And this goes for Jews too…because this affects ALL denominations under the Judeo-Christian family tree.

236 years ago, we founded a nation, “The United States of America”—and today we’re about to lose it.  Bullsh*t!

In wrapping this thing up….if you’re offended but my use of the word bullsh** …good.  Maybe a smack upside your head is what you need.  But for the record, the only ‘restriction on language’ in the bible comes from “Commandment Number Three.”  Now—go get pissed off at the right people….for the right reasons.

Oh… and in Philippians 3, Paul used the word for Dung.  So there.

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