Jail to the Chief – IFL #29

Obama told a group of students to ‘reject those voices’ that warn of Government Tyranny… what’s more important than what he said, was what he did not say.  He did not say ‘make them prove it”, he did not say “study for yourself”….and he did not say “Look at the track record”—because history proves him to be a lying marxist….


Never in history…has an administration become so intertwined with the ‘day to day’ operations of America’s major news organizations.

If they haven’t received MASSIVE amounts of money—they have relatives on the payroll.

A new study reported by the BBC says the United States has such a MASSIVE Shale Oil supply—it could shift the global balance of power. But with a federal government that has become an Enemy of Capitalism… the Tenth Amendment is our saving grace… if we have the cajones to use it.

Our criminal attorney general Eric “With” Holder says “I don’t know” more than than entire class of 6 year olds..

Tunes from Grand Funk, Steely Dan, ZZ Top… and Bruce Willis hits Golfballs at some Leftwing Fruitbats. LOL.


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