Joe Dan Gorman’s Intellectual Froglegs rock AMPFest at Trump Doral [video]

Last week I had the pleasure, rather, the honor, of meeting Joe Dan Gorman, the original ‘Renaissance Hillbilly,’ at AmpFest aka the American Prosperity Conference at the 800 acre, Trump Doral Resort in Miami.

I know that Joe Dan was nervous about performing live, as this was only his second time doing so, however, his performance was so hysterical and so well received, that Facebook unpublished my 3.27 million member Trump fan page mere hours after I streamed it live! While I can not say with certainty that it was Joe Dan’s killer act that got Facebook to unpublish my page, it was the last thing I posted, so I’ll let you do the math. That’s how powerful his act was.

The infamous ‘thought criminal’ and ‘Speech Cartel refugee‘ had the entire crowd in stitches. Gorman’s unique use of humor and hilarious video clips has the authoritarians on the run, and for good reason. Joe Dan has been able to counter the played out, boring, transparent, inauthentic, late night TV hosts’ leftist rhetoric single handedly …. from his modest Middle Tennessee home studio.

For me, meeting Joe Dan and getting to know him was a highlight of attending AMP. Gorman is just as funny and welcoming as he appears in his viral videos. It is no wonder the totalitarians are so scared of him. I suggest you keep an eye on Joe Dan, he is one of the most powerful weapons in the culture war.

I am proud to call the man my friend.

-Mark Sidney

The following video was shot live at the event VIA PHONE–far from professional quality, but not horrible. .

If you haven’t watched Intellectual Froglegs, click here for the latest episode.

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