Most Muslims still cheering September 11, 2001….

Still today, images like this are cheered throughout the Middle East.

It was NOT ‘a group of men’ that attacked the United States on September 11, 2001—it was an ideology…an ideology of the most extreme—the dangerous and ever-growing cult of death called Islam.

These radicals…who believe they have God’s permission to lie (see Taqiyya) with their twisted “the end justifies the means” philosophy— represent only a small segment of our American society, but they are now warmly embraced by the Democrat Party—who began their recent convention with a 2-hour muslim prayer. Interestingly, an equal number of Democrats boo’d the notion of keeping our Judeo-Christian God in their party platform.

Ironically, Islam is everything and more that the Liberal allege of Christianity.

And make no mistake— its not that the Liberals love Islam…not at all.  It’s the common ground.  Liberals have finally found a group that shares their irrational hatred of Christians…  so it’s more an ‘enemy of my enemy’ type kinship.

Couple of important points

  • Islam which was ‘invented’ several centuries after the death of Jesus Christ, has never been subjected to the same level of analysis & scrutiny as Christianity—and it never will be–because it is a sham and a hoax.  And as a result, Islam has doomed the people of the middle east to a barbaric existence—rendering them victims of their own generations of inbreeding and brainwashing.
  • Islam is the only religion that calls for a theocracy.  Even in a perfect Christian world—the Holy Bible does not call for a theocracy.
  • Islam does not negotiate.  Death to the non-believers.

Without further delay, please enjoy my production…”LIVE 2 DIE”
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Live 2 Die from Intellectual Frog Legs on Vimeo.

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