Newt’s Closing Argument: Vote Trump

By Newt Gingrich

Nov. 4, 2016

The case for Donald Trump has been straightforward since he won the Republican cwon30hwyaaoxmmnomination for president. No candidate in recent memory has had more drive, more courage or more desire to force real change on Washington than Donald Trump. And no candidate in American history has so clearly illustrated the need for real change as his opponent.

Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt candidate for president in the history of our country. Never before has the U.S. seen anything like the scheme described in the explosive memo released last week, in which Bill Clinton’s closest aide, Doug Band, detailed how the Clintons used their positions and their foundation for personal profit and other in-kind benefits.

Hillary’s corruption is unprecedented. But it is also representative of a political class in which a less grotesque but equally dangerous corruption has become widespread. In which the buying and selling of favors is routine, and punishment against critics can be crushing.

If left unchallenged, the corruption that Hillary Clinton personifies will destroy everything that makes America exceptional: our Constitution, our rule of law, our commitment to individual liberty and the right to pursue happiness. That is one of several reasons why promoting the leading example of corruption to the White House is not the safe choice in this election – it’s the ultimate risk.

To take on the corruption in Washington will be a monumental challenge. It requires defeating not just Hillary Clinton, but a system of literally millions of bureaucrats, lobbyists, staff and journalists who are deeply invested in the status quo. Any attempt to really change those centers of power will provoke resistance an order of magnitude greater than what we saw when Scott Walker tried to change Madison, Wisconsin – and that involved death threats to his wife and sit-ins at the state capitol.

Donald Trump is the only presidential nominee in decades who is brave enough and outside the system enough to take on that monumental task. Indeed, to change a town so entrenched and disconnected from the American people as Washington will almost certainly require a president of Trump’s guts, tenacity and willingness to offend. Some of what appear to be weaknesses as a candidate may turn out to strengths in a change-oriented president.
This has always been the case for Donald Trump. But that case became dramatically easier to make in October when he introduced his Contract with the American Voter.

Like the Contract with America, Trump’s Contract with the Voter is a list of specific commitments for what he will do if elected. It tells the American people exactly what they’ll be getting, and it invites us to hold him accountable.

cvlmwqtwcaezihiThe Trump Contract is the boldest reform agenda, and in some ways the most conservative agenda, I can remember from a nominee for president. It includes a Constitutional amendment to put term limits on members of Congress, a hiring freeze on non-essential federal employees, and a host of new ethics rules to stop senior officials from profiting off their positions.

It includes a very pro-growth economic agenda, with historic tax cuts, reduction of regulation and government reform. The Contract would renegotiate trade deals where partners are breaking the rules or where the deals were poorly negotiated. It would secure the border, start enforcing our immigration laws, end the defense sequester and reinvest in the military, and guarantee school choice as a right for every child in America.

That would be a historic list of achievements equal to any Republican president in my lifetime. It is hard to believe any Republican or conservative would consider supporting Hillary Clinton over a candidate who has committed to such an agenda. If they do, it is hard not to wonder if the reasons are personal rather than political.

Trump is the clear – in fact the only – choice in this election for anyone who thinks our country is on the wrong track, that we need big changes and that those changes need to start with the corruption in Washington. That’s why I support him, and it’s why I think he’s likely to win on November 8.

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