Obama’s Magic Calculator, Elvis Presley & Ann-Marie Murrell

Less than 30 days till “Vote Out Obama Day” —and shenanigans are in no short supply. Welcome to Intellectual Frog Legs No. 9.

AS usual, the libs are focusing on genitalia while the economy circles the drain… and after getting his clock cleaned by Romney, Obama announced the largest positive ‘unemployment rate’ jump in 30 years…in the worst economy in 30 years.

Like magic. Huh?

Politichick Ann-Marie Murrell joins Joe Dan.  PLUS ZZ Top, Elvis, Harriet the Translator and Alice Cooper. Click here to visit IntellectualFrogLegs.com now.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL_Hdf0PrbA?list=PLEFE9169E130A1911&hl=en_US]
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