One Flew Over the Democrat Party

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Unhinged, crazy, hateful, insane, lunatic, mental patient, crack-head, bizarre, mean, fanatic, deranged, stupid, idiotic, angry, irrational, paranoid, preposterous, psychotic, cuckoo, daft, demented, degenerate, vile, vulgar, ill-informed, etc…

None of these words are strong enough descriptors for todays political left in America.

On one hand, they run from discussions of ANYTHING with tangible measurements… i.e. economics and crime– while on the other hand, their emotional message resonates with high school kids like David Hogg—because they are themselves childish.  Their arguments are childish, their solutions are childish, their lies are childish…and their behavior is childish.

And now the children are becoming dangerous.

Anyway, I hope y’all enjoy the show.

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God bless



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