Only a fool dismisses God (Column)

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(Original published July, 9, 2012)
Just so there’s no confusion I’m talking about the Judeo-Christian God, because there is no other God.

And although I’d certainly recommend it— I’m not here to baptize you or save your soul, but to reasonably demonstrate—the absolute foolishness of dismissing God, the bible and the thousands of years of human history that go with it.

First of all, irrationally loud-and-angry God-haters are nothing new. Their anti-God ideology, like their worn-out arguments, pre-dates medieval leech healers—and they have no more disproven God today, than they did 2000 years ago… but they’re still really, really, really angry… and loud.

For thousands of years, God & the Bible have been under non-stop attack from the nastiest of Kings, Emperors, scientists and ACLU lawyers. No entity has EVER been subjected to such brutal ‘microscope up the butt scrutiny’ and survived as God and the Bible. That’s right…and survived.

Civilizations have come and gone—but God and the bible still stand.

If for this amazing historical feat alone—- the bible is deserving of respect, but in our high-tech, highly-evolved, ultra-sophisticated 21st Century America, we ban books…that’s right, we ban books. And the Bible is at the top of the list.

No book written in ancient times has as much archaeological evidence supporting its validity as does the Bible.

Why are we now so afraid of this book? If the Bible is such nonsense as they claim…and if they are so enlightened as they claim, why not simply prove their points and expose us as the frauds that they claim us to be?

Because they cannot…they never could…and they never will.

Now personally, I believe in God because it’s rational and it’s logical.  And if you atheists can stop giggling long enough to pay attention, you might learn something.  Of course, we know that won’t happen.

Let’s start with the popular, but horribly flawed premise that it’s “God versus Science.” This is nonsense, because there are actually many brilliant scientists that believe in God. And they will argue that “God IS Science.” In fact, Christian physicists seem to have the greatest appreciation for the humanly incomprehensible power of God.

From the violently-raging, yet perfectly-efficient nuclear fusion of the Sun (you could almost set your clock by it, lol) to the wonders contained in the tiniest of organisms…and everything in between.  And how all of this fits perfectly together.  One Christian scientist described his work as ‘almost like touching the face of God.’

But politicians, socialists & atheists screw everything up.

Global Warming is big business for the United Nations

Just as our major international science organizations have been corrupted by the lure of massive government grants tied to big-money political agendas like man-made global warming and green energy— a ‘consensus agreement among scientific colleagues’ is now accepted as ‘proof enough’ to ostracize dissenting opinions—and this holds especially true for scientists that dare to believe in Creationism over Darwinism or combinations thereof.

Ben Stein’s documentary “Expelled” is an excellent film on this very topic— of course, as you likely guessed, it was ridiculed and dismissed by the critics as Pro-God propaganda–which means it’s good. [view this movie & other pro-God & Science films at my ‘God, Science & History’ page]

Too many scientists, academics and scholarly types foolishly and arrogantly dismiss the notion of not just God, but anything that could be superior to them.

They can explain 17 different ways to Sunday why something ‘that is not important’ has ‘little to do’ with ‘anything’ you were remotely interested in— in the first place.  BUT… by the time, they finish their overly-convoluted answer, you’ve forgotten your question.  And no way would you ask it again anyway. 

BUT they cannot explain something that is as common as water… that is right here—right now. 

I wrote this… and you’re reading it by using the most amazing, yet the least understood tool ever known to man… THE MIND (our essence, our soul).  

What a glorious and infinite gift. And like God, the mind cannot be seen—but we know it’s there.

Where’d it come from, Mr. Non-Believer?

The mind does not behave in accordance with any laws of physics, gravity or reality.

Our mind is who we are and everything we are… our consciousness, our thinking, our reasoning, our perception, our judgement and our free-will. It is our love and our pain, our laughter and our tears.  It is what we write, what we create. It is how we solve, and why we disagree…

Yet without this non-physical phenomenon, we wouldn’t even be aware of our physical world.

Scientists have evidence of many of the ‘physical by-products’ of the mind, i.e. the electrical charges, firing synapses, sweating, laughing crying. etc., but science cannot explain the remarkable unity of this incalculable number of unseen simultaneous non-physical events which are taking place this very instant.  Yet with breathtaking arrogance, most declare with great certainty that there is no God

C.S. Lewis (1898 –1963)

On the other hand, Christians are not at all perplexed by this, because we know this is our soul.

You don’t have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body. ~ C.S. Lewis

Sadly, most non-believers will never accept this.

But here’s the point:  Based on the existence of our minds….We can conclude with 100% certainty that something profoundly wonderful and highly complex exists… that we cannot see and that we cannot explain.

How many more wonderful things exist that humans cannot comprehend?  We don’t know… we can’t possibly know.  And that’s the point.

The door is always open…

In an honest search for wisdom, knowledge and truth— it is wildly irrational to ‘knowingly’ not consider all possibilities.

If you cannot explain the amazing, the answer is unlikely to be anything less than amazing—and it is foolish to dismiss God as a possibility.

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