Only a fool dismisses God (Column)

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(Original published July, 9, 2012)
Just so there’s no confusion I’m talking about the Judeo-Christian God, because there is no other God.

And although I’d certainly recommend it— I’m not here to baptize you or save your soul, but to reasonably demonstrate—the absolute foolishness of dismissing God, the bible and the thousands of years of human history that go with it.

First of all, irrationally loud-and-angry God-haters are nothing new. Their anti-God ideology, like their worn-out arguments, pre-dates medieval leech healers—and they have no more disproven God today, than they did 2000 years ago… but they’re still really, really, really angry… and loud.

For thousands of years, God & the Bible have been under non-stop attack from the nastiest of Kings, Emperors, scientists and ACLU lawyers. No entity has EVER been subjected to such brutal ‘microscope up the butt scrutiny’ and survived as God and the Bible. That’s right…and survived.

Civilizations have come and gone—but God and the bible still stand.

If for this amazing historical feat alone—- the bible is deserving of respect, but in our high-tech, highly-evolved, ultra-sophisticated 21st Century America, we ban books…that’s right, we ban books. And the Bible is at the top of the list.

No book written in ancient times has as much archaeological evidence supporting its validity as does the Bible.

Why are we now so afraid of this book? If the Bible is such nonsense as they claim…and if they are so enlightened as they claim, why not simply prove their points and expose us as the frauds that they claim us to be?

Because they cannot…they never could…and they never will.

Now personally, I believe in God because it’s rational and it’s logical.  And if you atheists can stop giggling long enough to pay attention, you might learn something.  Of course, we know that won’t happen.

Let’s start with the popular, but horribly flawed premise that it’s “God versus Science.” This is nonsense, because there are actually many brilliant scientists that believe in God. And they will argue that “God IS Science.” In fact, Christian physicists seem to have the greatest appreciation for the humanly incomprehensible power of God.

From the violently-raging, yet perfectly-efficient nuclear fusion of the Sun (you could almost set your clock by it, lol) to the wonders contained in the tiniest of organisms…and everything in between.  And how all of this fits perfectly together.  One Christian scientist described his work as ‘almost like touching the face of God.’

But politicians, socialists & atheists screw everything up.

Global Warming is big business for the United Nations

Just as our major international science organizations have been corrupted by the lure of massive government grants tied to big-money political agendas like man-made global warming and green energy— a ‘consensus agreement among scientific colleagues’ is now accepted as ‘proof enough’ to ostracize dissenting opinions—and this holds especially true for scientists that dare to believe in Creationism over Darwinism or combinations thereof.

Ben Stein’s documentary “Expelled” is an excellent film on this very topic— of course, as you likely guessed, it was ridiculed and dismissed by the critics as Pro-God propaganda–which means it’s good. [view this movie & other pro-God & Science films at my ‘God, Science & History’ page]

Too many scientists, academics and scholarly types foolishly and arrogantly dismiss the notion of not just God, but anything that could be superior to them.

They can explain 17 different ways to Sunday why something ‘that is not important’ has ‘little to do’ with ‘anything’ you were remotely interested in— in the first place.  BUT… by the time, they finish their overly-convoluted answer, you’ve forgotten your question.  And no way would you ask it again anyway. 

BUT they cannot explain something that is as common as water… that is right here—right now. 

I wrote this… and you’re reading it by using the most amazing, yet the least understood tool ever known to man… THE MIND (our essence, our soul).  

What a glorious and infinite gift. And like God, the mind cannot be seen—but we know it’s there.

Where’d it come from, Mr. Non-Believer?

The mind does not behave in accordance with any laws of physics, gravity or reality.

Our mind is who we are and everything we are… our consciousness, our thinking, our reasoning, our perception, our judgement and our free-will. It is our love and our pain, our laughter and our tears.  It is what we write, what we create. It is how we solve, and why we disagree…

Yet without this non-physical phenomenon, we wouldn’t even be aware of our physical world.

Scientists have evidence of many of the ‘physical by-products’ of the mind, i.e. the electrical charges, firing synapses, sweating, laughing crying. etc., but science cannot explain the remarkable unity of this incalculable number of unseen simultaneous non-physical events which are taking place this very instant.  Yet with breathtaking arrogance, most declare with great certainty that there is no God

C.S. Lewis (1898 –1963)

On the other hand, Christians are not at all perplexed by this, because we know this is our soul.

You don’t have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body. ~ C.S. Lewis

Sadly, most non-believers will never accept this.

But here’s the point:  Based on the existence of our minds….We can conclude with 100% certainty that something profoundly wonderful and highly complex exists… that we cannot see and that we cannot explain.

How many more wonderful things exist that humans cannot comprehend?  We don’t know… we can’t possibly know.  And that’s the point.

The door is always open…

In an honest search for wisdom, knowledge and truth— it is wildly irrational to ‘knowingly’ not consider all possibilities.

If you cannot explain the amazing, the answer is unlikely to be anything less than amazing—and it is foolish to dismiss God as a possibility.

About the Author

Joe Dan Gorman
Joe Dan Gorman is the creator, host & producer of Intellectual Froglegs. Unapologetic Christian. Nominated for VIDEO BLOGGER OF THE YEAR at CPAC 2013. Former Real Estate Investment Broker until real estate collapse in 2007. Began new career in 2011 - Intellectual Froglegs is like a one-man band... and Joe Dan is that one man. Put God first and everything else will fall into place.
  • john

    Wow, thanks that was something I needed to hear. I do not understand, nor will I, what God is. I do know He is with me.

  • Chris

    There is literally so many things wrong with this. Everyone who reads this post is now stupider. Enjoy you’re sincere belief that anything you’ve said here makes sense, and try not to retard society on your way to church any more than you have to.

    • How about ‘literally’ addressing one point…

      And it is comical that YOU would accuse ANYONE of ‘retarding’ society, when it is YOU that is banning books—not Christians.

    • To Tony Musgrave, I must continue now to pray for you, as I know now, that you are waxed cold and that you know nothing of what real true love is…..GOD is love, and until you know that you know nothing. So, know NOTHING…ELSEWHERE. DON’T COME HERE TO CLOG THE DRAINS.

    • Mary B

      Well, Chris, you certainly proved the point of this blog. Thanks.

    • kevin

      literaly , LoL, stupider, retard society???
      See thats the rub they are upside down, the angry God haters.
      Scoffers, lovers of themselves more than God.
      I read that somewhere, remember how angry the fairysees and the sad yousees got when they heard truth, the rent their clothes and go running to the “emperhore” to squeal on the God lovers.
      Like them tattle tale teachers pets they used to breed back in government school.
      He never said He proved God God can prove Himself if he wanted to.
      ALL he says is you can not dismiss the possibility.

    • Johnb

      Your, not you’re.

      Hope that helps


  • Scarlett Ruby

    As a nice quiet atheist and conservative, I would like to point out the inaccuracy of a few of your statements. Obviously, the first being that atheists are angry and loud. Mostly atheists keep our opinions on matters that can’t be proved to ourselves, rather than state them as facts that must be believed because they must be believed (or you’re stupid). There is nothing stupider than believing things just because someone tells you you must believe them.

    As to disproving the idea that there is no God, as any smart person knows, you can’t prove a negative. The burden of proof is on the one making the claims. This twisted logic is quite common when debating with someone from the left. There are many many commonalities in the debate strategies of the left and the religious. That’s something those who believe that the right belongs to Christians might like to ponder. Start by examining the notion that anyone who doesn’t think and believe like you is dumb.

    A lot of people choose to believe things that boil down to superstition. That is fine, some of us have no need to control the minds of others. But, since you brought it up, I’m kind of wondering how these scientific findings of the “physical by-products” of the mind translate into proof of any Christian belief, particularly the notion that someone named Jesus Christ actually existed and lived as outlined in the vague and inconsistent fables in the various versions of the Christian bibles.

    How does the magnificence of the universe prove Christianity? Just curious, because that’s how I roll.

  • A conservative atheist… cool. Glad you are here.

    I would like to respectfully point out that your points regarding ‘my alleged inaccuracies’ are based on complete inaccuracies of your own:

    No. 1… If you were such a “quiet atheist” as you state, I imagine you would have used the
    “contact’ link as opposed to the PUBLIC comment… so you are not THAT quiet. But that’s okay.

    No 2. My initial premise is located in the introduction… My point was NOT to save your soul… but to show the foolishness of ‘dismissing God’

    Furthermore I did not state that “anything’ in the article ‘proves’ Christianity.

    Evidence does not equal proof…. that’s how our judicial system reaches verdicts. They do not see the crime. And like you said, “You cannot prove a negative” —So how ridiculous is it to “emphatically state something as fact” that you cannot possible know?

    THAT is the point.

    Is that the same rationale you guys use to justify the ‘banning of books”?

    So seeing how you completely missed the premise… I would invite you to re-read it… and if you are truly interested… should check out those really cool videos at the God, Science & History page at the JCFA. Here’s the link again:

    Double check my claims.

    Then please come back… our door is open.

    • Scarlett Ruby

      Ok, so just as with the liberals I encounter, you make statements, someone responds to them with counter-point or dispute, and you respond with nothing vaguely relevant to the points actually made. OK, so here we go.

      Responding to comments with comments of my own doesn’t make me either loud or angry. But if you insist, then by the same logic, you are equally loud and angry, so we can disregard that point entirely. Agreed?

      When you refer to others as fools for their thinking, it’s quite logical for them to address your own logic. Your entire post is a defense of your belief in your version of a Christian God, via the notion that anyone who doesn’t similarly believe is foolish, therefore my comments are relevant responses.

      You note that no atheist has disproved the existence of God, so my comments are again relevant.

      I agree with you that it is ridiculous for anyone to emphatically state something as fact that cannot possibly be known. If you actually agree with that, why would you be referring to atheists as fools? For that matter, why would you be preaching or defending any religious belief at all? But why did you bring it up and in quotes, since I never used those words at all?

      What books are you claiming that I’ve banned, and who are “you guys” specifically, just so I know who you are lumping me with, based on one post on the internet? That’s another strategy common to the left, I might add. “If you believe such and such, then you believe lots of other stuff I say you believe too”. I think that’s called a logical fallacy in debate circles. It was used frequently in the smear campaigns against conservatives like Sarah Palin, if you recall. “Guilt by false and concocted association”.

      Now, if you would like to respond to my actual comments, and address me as an individual with my own independent thoughts, I would be more than happy to continue the discussion.

      • Simon Drew

        Okay.. Mr. Gorman was polite to you…but you are rude….which is common among atheists. And Mr. Gorman was right. But he’s a lot nicer than I am.

        You can say you’re not all day long—-But you ARE loud. You chose a public forum to make your challenge as opposed to the readily available private contact on the right side of the page… so you are a dumbass if you believe your own crap.

        And it was YOU that lumped yourself in with Atheists… it was no one here.

        And it was your Atheist Brotherhood that forced the banning of the Bible—the most historically significant book in human history. That happened in 1963

        Atheists have also forced the removal of our symbols and traditions around the country.

        And WE are intolerant?

        Mr. Gorman is not denying the existence of anything …you are. And I guess the ‘evidence is not proof thing’ just went completely over your head…

        For someone who claims to know as much as you do… you sure don’t know much.

        SO— MR. ATHEIST, how do you explain your soul?

        • Scarlett Ruby

          I thought I’d responded, but don’t see it here, so possibly I never submitted, so I’ll try again.

          I’m not sure how I was rude in my comments to Mr. Gorman, I certainly didn’t call him names. His entire article is based on derogatory name calling, if you want to go down the road of politeness. Clearly you aren’t concerned about it, so again I note the same hypocrisy that I experience from the left with your double standard for behavior.

          I belong to no brotherhoods, and have in fact spoken out against those atheists who worry themselves about the cultural symbols and traditions you mention. I have no issue with culture or tradition myself, and see the solution to the issue as just accepting them as such, rather than placing them into the realm of religion, and thereby invoking the US Constitution on the matter of separation of church and state.
          No one seems very worried about restricting images of the Grinch or Santa Claus, so why should we worry about Jesus or any other mythical characters that some choose to believe in or celebrate? Unless of course, we are being forced to fund indoctrinations into such beliefs and celebrations, or required to honor them as facts that only the stupid deny on penalty of eternal damnation.

          I never mentioned the word “intolerant”, so again, you are not addressing what I actually say, but making things up to respond to.

          As to “loud” that is a word with a meaning that is outlined in the English dictionary. Comments on internet blogs do not fit that definition, just for the sake of clarity and accuracy.

          I have also not claimed to know any amount of anything, so your comments again are addressed to things I never said. This is the same thing I experience with regularity when discussing issues with liberals and progressives. Why not just address what is actually being said?

          Since I have no clue what a soul is, how one would find or identify one, I can’t explain mine to you. But why would I have to? If you believe in souls, the burden to explain and demonstrate the existence of one is on you, the claimer. Particularly if you also demand certain privileges, advantages, status or power on the basis of such assertions.

          As to my gender, I must correct you again, I am actually a Ms. Sometimes it’s best to stick to what we know, rather than acting on the notions that pop into our heads so we decide to believe in them, as you so effectively demonstrate.

  • Scarlett Ruby

    Well that was certainly an interesting discussion.

    • Devils advocate

      Scarlett, you are my hero!!! 🙂

      I’ll try to give you more of challenge on Why fools dismiss God. How about on the idea that God promise eternal salvation if you do and damnation if you don’t. So you have everything to gain and nothing to lose if it is not true.

      • Scarlett Ruby

        I’m sorry to know that you believe that there’s nothing to be lost by investing in superstitions. Do you believe that there is such a thing as truth? If so, do you value it? Do you believe that it matters to seek it with honesty and integrity, and to settle for nothing less?

  • Scarlett Ruby

    PS DA, do you really think your question challenged me? How many times do you think I’ve heard it in my life?

    My challenge to you is to ask you why you couldn’t come up with something original from your own personal thought process, rather than just parroting the same old same old that non-believers hear all the time, and have answered for ourselves eons ago. It was not a challenge, I assure you!

    Perhaps this question will also be a challenge for you. To date no God believer has answered it for me in any reasonable way.

    When you speak of God, which one are you referring to? Do you believe in all of the thousands of them that have religions based upon them and their teachings, or just one particular God?

    If you don’t believe in all of them, how does that make you any different than me, other than that even though you deny the existence of 2999 Gods instead of 3000?

    • Devils advocate

      What is the lost involved in investing in a superstition? Not much really as long as one doesn’t use it as an excuse to harm fellow man. As for universal truth, I don’t think one really exist, and if so, does it really matter if you attain it or not? What is it’s worth? I see the search for universal truth like the parabola approaching its boundaries, always coming close but never reaching it until infinity.

      Wow, aren’t you being a little boastful and sure of yourself. I will humbly try to challenge you more. 🙂

      As for which God, again, does it really matter? They are mostly all the same anyway. Yes, there are minute differences but as a whole, they are mostly the same. Many just recycled of the old. So pick one that promise you what you want and are comfortable with. Of course, if you pick the wrong one, you will be damned, but again, if you don’t pick, you are damned anyway. Luckily, the one you pick, will say you are saved so there will be salvation in the end.

      • Scarlett Ruby

        Firstly, do you answer questions or just ask them? I didn’t ask you about universal truths, I asked you about the truth. If you don’t believe in the truth, I get why you are religious. But why would you endorse it? Surely someone on this planet has to stick up for truth and honesty, wouldn’t you agree?

        No, I’m not boastful, I’m trying to fill you in on the reality, that your “challenge” wasn’t at all challenging. Might you consider acknowledging that rather than trying to make it a character flaw on my part for informing you of that fact?

        As to the rest of your comments, I can see that you’re not at all respectful of me, truth, facts, or even your own beliefs, so I’ll leave you to it. I really have no interest in playing childish games. That’s one reason I’m very happy to not be trying to justify some unprovable baseless beliefs. It does require some unpleasant adjustments to one’s character and intellect in order to do so, as you demonstrate.

        Whatever you are endorsing, I’ll pass.

    • Scarlett,

      I see that this topic was posted some time ago. I wish that I weren’t 5 months behind. However, here goes. You do realize that there are ancient historical documents outside the Bible (including the Roman writings of Tacitus [historian of ancient Rome], Seutonius, Thallus and Pliny, and the Jewish writings of Josephus that mention Jesus, yes? So, I’d like to humbly ask you to research that a bit and perhaps reevaluate lumping Jesus into the “myth” category.

  • Devils advocate

    SR, I usually ask questions. I answer if I can but mostly just ask questions in the hope of bringing insight to the issue for myself and others, Socratic method I suppose. Do I believe in the truth, not sure, but I sure don’t trust anyone that says they have the truth and then try to convince others. Honesty, I try to be honest as best as I can, most of the time.

    As for my first question being challenging, you are right, it wasn’t much of a challenge. It was late at night and I had to think of something quickly. Thanks for filling me in on the reality of things. I’m much happier now.

    I didn’t mean to be disrespectful of you. I apologize for that if you think I was. As for respecting the truth, facts or my own beliefs, I’m just questioning them. That in itself, I don’t feel I’m being disrespectful of them.

    I’m not endorsing anything. Just playing the Devil’s advocate if you were. Just asking questions. If it bores you, then I bid you adieu.

    PS – you will probably be surprised to learn that my beliefs are probably closer to yours than others. 🙂


  • Scarlett Ruby

    I’m shaking in my boots, Rebecca. Scare and terror tactics always work on me, so much better than reason, logic and honesty. Oh…wait….no, actually, that would be you! The caps are a nice touch, btw. Truly terrifying!

  • bob

    Great article JoeDan. Two quotes come to mind:”Atheists express their rage against God, although in their view He does not exist”-C.S. Lewis
    “If there were no God, there would be no atheists”-G.K. Chesterton
    God has revealed Himself to man. Verses such as Deuteronomy 29:29,!Timothy 2:3-4, 2 Timothy 3:16 and 2 Peter 1:20-21 among MANY others attest to this truth. Keep ’em coming JoeDan! God Bless.

    • JDMedia

      Love the quotes. Thanks

  • MileHighinAZ

    Love how you’ve written so well, that which needs to be read & heard. In line with scientists who are Christians, are you familiar with Ken Ham’s organization, Answers in Genesis ( )? Excellent resources, and some serious brain pans gathered over there. Great food for fodder. AND, they have a museum in your neck of the woods.
    Thank you, JoeDan, for all you’re producing. Your voice matters, very much. Love from a Sister in Christ, Holly in Arizona (and yeah, I’m still waitin’ on you to come run against McCain, ahem.)

  • Steve

    Awesome article Joe. It really helps put things into a clear perspective. There is a God … and He is something to behold and honor and also to fear. God is just and hates sin. How we all fall short of his glory. And yet… so many don’t acknowledge their creator.

    Keep up the great work Joe.

  • IRememberAmerica

    Psalm 14:1
    The FOOL has said in his heart there is no God.
    The FOOL
    The FOOL
    The FOOL…

  • Hans

    Scarlett you have proven yourself to be a moron and another propagandist for the brainwashed masses. You could have contacted him directly but as most athiests you are a coward looking for support from other blind fools such as yourself. I feel sorry for you.

  • Hans

    The only people that really have a problem with god are those who are compulsive sinners. Since the bible teaches not to sin what is the problem? You really take issue with that? If it makes you feel better about yourself to sin as long as there “is no god” then please go away and go on sinning. If it makes you feel better about your immoral lifestyle then so be it. Those who know the truth do not really care if you are a sinner because if you are happy knowing you are doing something that is morally wrong that is your choice. You can better your life but if rejecting god makes you feel better about the things you know are morally wrong then there is nothing anyone can do for you. Maybe seek some help on the athiest forums.

    • Randy

      “The only people that really have a problem with God are those who are compulsive sinners”

      I respectfully disagree. Accepting Christ as our savior is not about being good or bad. I know many people who are very moral, good, honest people but have not accepted Christ as their savior. Accepting Christ does not automatically turn us sin free and even the most evil can be saved.

      “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” Romans 3:23

      “If you declare with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Romans 10:9

  • Linda

    I cannot prove there is indeed God. There is no need for me to prove there is God. He has never required that of any one of us. All he asks is that we recognize His proof of Himself. He has already proven all he needs to prove. Oh — did you hear that? — It was the stones and all creation screaming . . .

    I loved the video explanation! Super.

  • David Rowley

    Just found this site. Wow! My God and his son Jesus Christ are the best thing that ever happened to me!

  • Owa Ngot

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