🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Patriots, Awaken – the NEW Intellectual Froglegs

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This episode is a little different—it’s about 7-8 minutes longer than usual because I’m featuring more video clips (including some of the smiling faces from the FROGLEG COOKOUT 2021) …and it uncharacteristically contains GRAPHIC LANGUAGE, as some of these clips some of your fellow citizens standing against the tyranny and they’re using some ‘passionate’ language”…and I’m not censoring these patriots.

Enjoy the show, and donate if you can.

You’re not alone.  They want us to lose hope. They want us to give up.  But we’re not.  America is pissed and we’re going to be victorious.

But it’s okay to be angry.  In fact, people need to be angry.  Because now we fight.

These traitors in DC ignore data…ignore evidence…and they ignore us…. as they take our tax dollars and send out kids to war.  They demand we all be injected with an experimental ‘mRNA gene therapy’ drug that is less than a year old… and they’ve come for our children.

We are unified in a resounding “Hell No”

We do not seek bloodshed– and will avoid at all cost.  But if we’re honest, we knew this day was coming, the question is how ugly will it get?  That is up to them.

We all need to pray for cool, yet determined heads to prevail


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