Twitter’s Unlevel Playing Field

Hey guys!

Y’all know I work very hard to produce a quality product—and for those of us not personal friends with Sean Hannity, Fox & Friends, or with connections to Breitbart–advertising is crucial to growing ANY media brand.

And Twitter is a PRIMARY media platform for advertising my product—a Christian-conservative entertainment show called Intellectual Froglegs, now in it’s 6th year.

But conservatives and Christians in the today’s media are subject to (i.e. punished by) the whims and undefinable parameters set by hyper-partisan, social-justice warriors of the Social Media Giants like Twitter, Facebook & YouTube.

In this following email—-you can see I am respectfully trying to get basic info regarding my ‘alleged’ Twitter Violation which has been going on since last year.

First—I do not believe this is as much a case of free speech, as it is discrimination and unfair manipulation of the marketplace against conservatives.

And while they all are doing it—–in MOST cases, they discriminate against conservatives using complicated algorithms—but this specific Twitter Ads treatment is less complicated and actually provable.

On one hand, Twitter allows VILE and vulgar advertising and posts….you’ve seen them, the threats of death, violence, kidnapping, etc—- but Intellectual Froglegs, my Christian-conservative based business is continually denied the opportunity to run any advertisements because of unidentified INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT.

Anyway, every time I ask for specifics—I get the same Twitter form letter-response:  Again and again, they refuse to tell me specifically ‘what I did’ that they deemed INAPPROPRIATE—–despite multiple respectful requests—and multiple offers to FIX any problems.

My previous experience with the Social Media jerks is documented  here.

To be continued…

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