Power to the Government! Right On! (IFL 2014 N-1)

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The VA Scandal
The IRS Scandal
Fast & Furious

Question: What is a significant characteristic of every current government scandal…that is never discussed?

Answer: Public Sector Union members are involved. I ‘m pretty confident this is also why nobody gets fired.

download (1)And what in the hell does this IRS have to do to get the mainstream media’s attention? Actually murder a tea partier? Wow…how sad.  Our founding fathers never dreamed our press would voluntarily hand over their constitutionally enumerated duties and freedoms.

Just wow….

albert-einstein-06The fact is that our media is so compromised, aside from Fox News — this IRS story—which is one of the biggest stories in the history of our country….  has been all but ignored…and/or it’s portrayed as a ‘mean republican plot’ to get Obama.

On a happier note—Neo-Darwinists hate that Einstein subscribed to the theory of Intelligent Design..

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