Prayer for America – Election Day 2012: ‘The Crossroads’

Here we are at the crossroads….

This election is as profoundly important as any other single event in our history… definitely in my life-time.  So, which path will America choose?  Left or right?

Will America choose ‘the left path’ and follow Europe’s state-ruled models of economic ineptitude and religious intolerance? OR will America choose ‘the right path’ towards freedom as provided for by our founding fathers in the United States Constitution….and begin forging our way back towards One Nation Under God?

I pray the latter.

Many of my patriotic brothers and sisters have been working tirelessly these last few years… and many for very little, if anything in return.  I have made great friends with many of these guys. I believe these people to be God’s Patriot Warriors.  And God bless every single one of them…

And I encourage everyone to pray.

May the Lord grant us the wisdom and guidance to do his will on this very important election day.  The results of this day will reverberate for generations to come.  May they be great and holy reverberations that celebrate the glory of God.

God bless this Nation. Amen.

Now crank up this video. And Vote Romney!

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