Recommended Viewing: Credentialed Opponents Getting Louder

MUST WATCH: Originally posted by Australian lady with the title “The Narrative is crumbling. United We Stand. Aus nationwide rally for freedom.”

Note the names and credentials of the speakers.  These people are the truth tellers.

  • Dr. Sucharit Bhakd, virologist
  • Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer Chief Scientist
  • Dr. Robert Malone, inventor mRNA vaccine technology, virologist
  • Dr. Peter McCullough, epidemiologists, cardiologist
  • Dr. Ryan Cole, Pathologist
  • Featuring the late Dr. Kari Mullis, Inventor of the PCR test
  • Dr. Dan Erickson, ER physician
  • Professor Ian Brighthope, President, Brighthope Health Limited
  • Professor Dolores Cahill, biologist/immunologist
  • Dr. Andrew Kaufman, molecular biologist
  • and more


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