That Ridiculous Omnibus – A Frogleg Minute


Nobody on our side likes that $1.3 trillion crap budget… not me, not you, and not President Trump, but contrary to some of the hysterics— Trump has betrayed no one.  But I do believe he was uncharacteristically ‘caught off guard’  and this was definitely a score for the Deep State.

BUT it’s important to understand this ‘budget that’s not really a budget’ only has a shelf life of 5 months– expiring 6 weeks before the mid-term elections.  Methinks Trump is picking this time-frame for the Budget Battle.

This was a sucker-punch by the Swamp Creatures…. and Trump was embarrassed by this.

This Omnibus put together by Mitch McConnell & Paul Ryan, was a designed Catch 22— no matter what Trump did– he would alienate supporters.

When the end of September rolls around—and the Mid Term Budget Battle begins, Trump will not be embarrassed  again.

Even Joe Montana threw some interceptions.

Tell me what you think.  Do you agree? Disagree?  And/or think I’m full of crap?  Comment.

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Joe Dan Gorman
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