“Rulers & Peasants” Intellectual Froglegs #17

CASIMIR3c_fresembThese are ‘red-letter days’ indeed for communists across the globe. As American citizens find themselves more and more subservient to Democrat Party politicians… Communist Party members are ‘thrilled to the point of giddiness’ to finally have a voice at the government table in the Untied States of America. (Van Jones was so excited, he was asked to leave)

In today’s ‘class warfare’ America, Democrat politicians don’t go to jail.. for anything, because laws and rules don’t apply to them [see: Mary Jo Kopechne, Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters].  The list is a long as it is diverse.  The only thing that has grown more than our debt, is the power wielded by the Democrat Party …and their orgasmic desire for more.

King Obama Long-shanks doesn’t even need congress anymore, he has said as much. [You’re Putin me on!] King Obama can just sign his Royal Executive Decrees.  Like Bizzarro Superman, the Obama Administration has lept over the constitution in a single bound…. and we are now subjects of the crown.

Propaganda is one thing, but facts are quite another….and today’s Democrat party has become the Ruling Class of America, and they are guarded by a criminally & intentionally negligent mainstream media…who’s loyalty rivals that of a kamikaze.

This show features cool tunage from Manfred Mann, Chicago, the O’Jays and more, PLUS an awesome cameo by Ronald Reagan.

Enjoy Installment No. 17 of Joe Dan Gorman’s Intellectual Froglegs now.

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