A Source with No Name…

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In this vast wasteland of fake news and anonymous sources— which stories do you believe? Well, if I were a betting man and I’m not— I’d put my money on the Seth Rich story.  It has facts.  It has motive.  It has sources….. But most of all, there’s a crime.

And now the Internet is investigating…and these guys are good.  Ask Dan Rather about internet investigations.

Kim Dotcom

Enter  Kim Dotcom—one of the world’s “largest tech entrepreneurs” He changed his surname to Dotcom in 2005, apparently in homage to the stock market bubble that made him a millionaire.

I also understand Dotcom is wanted for arrest here in the United States on Copyright charges…but be that as it may, like WikiLeaks, many can (and do) legitimately question his methods – but they cannot question his accuracy.

Among other things… in May 2015 Bloomberg article, Dotcom predicted Julian Assange Will Be Hillary Clinton’s Worst Nightmare in 2016. We know how that turned out.

Anyway—you’ve likely heard, Dotcom claims to have proof that Seth Rich was the DNC LEAKER.  He also claims he was personally involved. More importantly—this nukes the media’s Russia stories…  and this terrifies them.

And even more fun—Dotcom is taunting them on Twitter…and they are wiggin’ out.

I predict it’s about to get good.  Grab some popcorn, and kick back.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the episode. Thanks for being here, for sharing the show and for donating every now and then. Until next time…

God bless.


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