“The Spies Who Shagged Themselves…” Intellectual Froglegs

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It’s happening.  The “global left” has completely lost control— and it’s not just the American Democrats— It’s happening all over the globe.  To the chagrin of lefties around the world—their citizens see the American Economy rocking.

IN: Nationalism

OUT: Socialist Globalism

Now they REALLY hate Trump, LOL

Throughout Europe and even in India, President Trump’s style of “mutual respect-nationalism” is taking hold.  And contrary to this slander from the left– Nationalism Is not a bad word, it is simply loving and taking pride in your own country, and putting the interest of your country first.

Here in the United States—the Global Left Democrats got caught with their hands in the cookie jar.  They became so overconfident, they left a trail of evidence as wide as an interstate. They’re even making a movie out of the FBI lovebirds.

And for the first time in my life, it looks like Democrats may actually face justice.

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Joe Dan

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