The Spy Who Shagged Himself

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boycott_400x400Anyone surprised Obama won’t go away?  I didn’t think so. And neither are we surprised to find that our former lawless President abused even more of his executive powers as he walked out the door…leaving landmines and booby traps for Trump at every turn.

Equally as offensive is the behavior of our media…which is merely an extension of the ‘establishment’ or ‘Deep State’ as they call it.

Thank God for Donald Trump. I know of no other human that could survive the brutal pounding he receives daily from our national media.

As Newt Gingrich accurately pointed out, 80-90% of the media are ‘the opposition party’…These people are not journalists, they are propagandists.

Trump has NONE of the benefits Obama enjoyed… no political media, no sports media,  no Hollywood, no print media, no Entertainment Industry…. with just a handful of friendly media, Trump has us.

We are up against the most radical lefties that have EVER been in power in America… they detest what America stands for—- that’s why Obama wanted to ‘fundamentally change’ it…and now they have been rejected by the American people and they’ve completely lost their minds.  They WEREN’T supposed to lose! These people are communists and their goal is to overthrow our president…and it absolutely cannot be allowed to happen.

This a war…

Just look at their mindset, our former crooked Attorney General Loretta Lynch recorded a bizarre video wherein she CLEARLY implies the need for Blood and Death On Streets…for the cause.  This people are nuts.

Of course, violence has already broken out in ‘diverse & tolerant’ liberal hotspots…go figure.


Tell me ‘how awesome I am’ or ‘how much you hate me’ below.

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Joe Dan Gorman
Joe Dan Gorman is the creator, host & producer of Intellectual Froglegs. Unapologetic Christian. Nominated for VIDEO BLOGGER OF THE YEAR at CPAC 2013. Former Real Estate Investment Broker until real estate collapse in 2007. Began new career in 2011 - Intellectual Froglegs is like a one-man band... and Joe Dan is that one man. Put God first and everything else will fall into place.
  • Fred Minetto

    Outstanding! Amen!

  • Hadenoughalready

    I find you deplorably wonderful, criminally humorous and despicably awesome…is that ok?

    • Sharon Tomassetti

      and I concur 🙂

  • Felicia Oltmanns

    Nice job Joe Dan. Another donation will soon be on the way. I’ll be praying about your housing needs, either a financial blessing or a really good deal. I definitely understand why you want to stay close to your son and DIL. My son lives in Dallas and I’m in IL. It’s hard. But I’m not all alone, got my daughter and her fam very close by. But anyway, PDJT is going to win and my prayers will be that Soros, Obama, Hillary, Val Jarrett, Lynch, Holder and Podesta all get arrested and thrown into solitary confinement.

  • Martin B. Smith, Jr

    Joe Don:
    I have a suggestion for you and hope you will consider it. Your show is so good, so concentrated and so well thought out I think you should consider releasing short clips of the current show every few days after you publish it. Accompanied by press releases and sent to the media. I know it will mean more death threats but I think it would be great if some local tv stations would pick up these wonderful snippets. Just an idea.


    I started to worry something happened TO YOU.. Havent HEARD FROM YOU IN A lOOONG TIME.. GREAT PIECE JOE.. Waters had be busting my ribs, why pay for comedy when you can watch Lieberals talk..


    what do you call a bunch of liberals in a basement? A whine cellar!

    • ROBERT

      too much vino.. suppose to be..what do you call a basement full of Lieberals?

  • poptoy1949

    This is your best Show as of yet. Fantastic!!! Keep up the Good Work Joe Dan. GOD Bless You my boy.

  • Jones

    Superb work yet again Jo Dan.

    Hope all goes well.

  • Sarah Hardy

    I have missed you! Great show, as usual.

  • Ben Walker Sr.

    Spot on! Anyone with an IQ over 30, any sense of humor, an ounce of decency, or any Patriotic feelings would love this!

  • IRememberAmerica

    I wish that those listening to the MSM would watch just one Froglegs Episode!
    This was at the top of the flagpole Joe Dan. I thank God for you, yep I do!
    I will keep the knee mail going for your requests. God Bless.

  • Karen Hofmann

    Brilliant as always!!! Was that a tease embedded for the next episode??

  • AL

    Another GREAT show!!!

  • Rick DiDonato

    Just what we needed brother. Impeccable timing. No worries about the Van Jones glitch. We know what he said. I bet the mostly swamp media wished they had the same glitch. I swear I heard their heads explode when Van had a fit of honesty

  • TrumpuUp

    I stopped the video to tell my wife the ET and refugee joke….lmao…. Excellent as always!!!

  • Dr. Tar

    I like the closing song.

  • Fred Minetto

    Appreciate the “Well that didn’t work a brief history of communism” video-bite! Well done inspiring reasons to question that form of social governing. Your humor (appreciated) certainly adds spice to obvious liberal reductio ad absurdum arguments, so easily mocked outrageous liberal views. Keep up the good work; you are in my prayers and support!

    Some reasons deserving debate, involving dysfunctional communism as a form of government:

    1.) There was no such thing as private property. If you owned land, a farm or farm animals, those became the property of “the people” (or rather the state). To add insult to injury, they forced you to work those fields and feed the animals they took away from you. Also, practicing religion was forbidden although many older people did it anyway in their homes.

    2.) It robbed people of ambition and therefore the drive to work harder. Everyone was required to work. You either worked or went to jail. Sounds fair…even nice until you realize your job is never going to earn you any great luxuries, and it’s not like you can become anything you want to be. The lazy bums at your job earned the same amount as you and no matter how badly they slacked off, they knew they weren’t going to be fired. You begin to wonder why you’re killing yourself when there’s nothing special to achieve (unless you kiss the a$$ of Communist party members and become one of them). They got rich by stealing, through bribes, etc.

    Many, many people worked for the Government and their job was to create a bureaucratic nightmare. If you came in to get anything done, it took months and they treated you as if they were doing you a favor you didn’t deserve. Pretty soon even store clerks adopted this attitude because the store was owned by the state so there was no private business owner to answer to.

    3.) Corruption was so high that you couldn’t even achieve some of the most simple things without a bribe. Many parents bribed teachers for their children’s passing grades all the time. If you wanted to get into a good College, grades made little difference. It was all about who you knew and who you could bribe. People wouldn’t show up at a doctor’s office without gifts (at least a bottle of vodka).

    4.) Borders were closed and you were no longer allowed to travel to the west. If you absolutely had to go, you were forced to leave one of your children behind to motivate you to come back. If you decided to leave your family behind and escape, they would cease your property and interrogate your family. If you decided to return, you would go to jail for however long they wanted you there. No due process. Communist borders were designed to keep people in, not out. America is proposing borders to keep undesirable people out (criminals, insurgents, etc.) Big difference!

    5.) When they closed the borders to the West, a lot of intellectuals and professional people immigrated out of the country while they could. This left a miserable selection of professional doctors for example. Since socialized medicine took effect, anyone could go to the doctor for any little thing. Unfortunately there were not enough doctors or specialists left behind, so hospitals were short-staffed and overcrowded. Money was running out fast and often there was not enough medicine and supplies to go around. A visit to the dentist many times meant no pain killers.

    6.) Watching western movies, music or reading western books was not allowed. People smuggled videotapes of western movies, but technically this was against the law.

    7.) Schools brainwashed kids into believing that Russia was the best country on earth. They would say that people to the west were starving and dying, but of course that was not true in the same way they tried to make it out to be.

    8.) Groceries were very hard to come by. People had to stand in line for hours to get a loaf of bread, oranges, bananas, toilet paper, etc. Oranges were a special treat around Christmas. Jeans were hard to come by and most people were careful to wear them on more special occasions.

    9.) Students were often required to work the fields when they didn’t have to be at school.

    10.) Big housing complexes arose around the country and they literally all looked the same. They were ugly as sin (plain cement rectangles). People joked that they often walked into the wrong building thinking that’s where they lived. These buildings started falling apart and there was no money to fix anything. The lifts inside them were breaking all the time.

    11.) Most people had to raise animals and plant their own gardens to supplement their food to survive. Many couldn’t afford to buy coal or wood to heat their houses in the winter so they would go steal it by either bribing a wood worker or go chop it at night. Owning dogs was a luxury. Few could afford to feed them not to mention pay taxes for owning them.

    12.) Historic monuments were destroyed, gutted, valuables stolen and sold to foreign collectors. Castles and mansions were a symbol of capitalist evil, so when they kicked the owners out of them, they then used them to house livestock.

    13.) People were being spied on openly. If you spoke up against the government, you were as good as gone. If your neighbor didn’t like you, all he had to do is accuse you of expressing your anti-government beliefs. The secret police could show up at your door at any time. If they wanted to audit you, they would do it at their own convenience for whatever reason they wanted.

    14.) Athletes were forced to be the best to represent the greatness and superiority of Communism. When they screwed up they were punished.

    15.) The entire system collapsed when the government went bankrupt. People began to revolt, but at that point the Communist party had nothing to steal anymore. They essentially handed over the keys after they destroyed everything they could possibly destroy. I’m sure I could keep going, but I think I’ve given enough reasons already.

    Does any of this sound familiar after eight years enduring the previous administration?

  • Toni & Spirit Romeo

    Thank you!! Another wonderful video, “Professor” Gorman. They are all such learning experiences. I believe The Lord will provide all you need on all levels, I will continue to pray for exactly that divine outcome. We need you so very much and there are people out there who need you too but they just don’t know it yet.
    Peace, light and love to you, my precious friend. I stand fighting beside you in your health battle. We will be victorious.


    liked it so much came back to watch it a second time.. or am I being brainwashed by Joe?

  • Eddie Buck

    Want Obama to shut up and go away President Trump, set up a meeting between yourself, AG Jeff Sessions, Sheriff Joe and Mike Zullo. Allow them to show their findings on Obama’s frauds, and his ineligibility to have ran for president.

  • Donna E Turner


  • Bob Cranston

    Joe, now three months later from when you produced this video, your predictions are spot on! Who loves you? I do!

  • Russell

    We should elect Joe Dan to be Trump spoke person.

  • Love JoeDan

  • Eugene Harrison

    The left actually thinks he is still the president. The first news outlet that suggests this should be brought up on sedition charges. Oh yeah forgot what a bunch of wimps the gop are.