Climate Alarmist – Sierra Club President hit by Ted Cruz Missle

ted-cruz-890x395_c(VIDEO) Conservative warrior Ted Cruz embarrassed a rude and condescending Sierra Club President, Aaron Mair in a contentious testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Oct. 6.

In previous testimony Mr. Sierra Club, asserted that opponents of EPA live in “an alternative universe” in which corporate polluters use “propaganda” to persuade vulnerable low-income Americans to oppose anti-pollution efforts.


Sierra Club President, Aaron Mair

But Mair seemed ill-prepared —and certainly less-articulate when the Cool Ted took over the interrogation… clearly unwilling or unable (I suggest the latter) to deviate from his rehearsed answer.

“Sir, we concur with the 97 percent scientific consensus with regards to global warming,” Mair repeated… over and over..

In fact, it almost laughably became the eco-equivalent of taking the Fifth—as if repeating the “97 percent of scientists” talking point was evidence of anything.

When asked about the 18 year pause in global warming, as documented by satellite data, Mr. Mair denied it exists. “So if the data are contrary to your testimony, would the Sierra Club issue a retraction?” Cruz asked.

“Sir, we concur with the 97 percent scientific consensus with regards to global warming,”

You get the idea.

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