Mr. Conservative: Ted Cruz, the Outsider? Not so much


First let me say as a strong Trump supporter, if Ted Cruz wins the nomination fair and square— I will absolutely vote Cruz over Hillary without hesitation.  Because #NeverHillary.  


Reminiscing—-prior to 2012, many conservatives, including myself believed that Paul Ryan was a solid rock of anti-big government conservatism…. and we were actually optimistic when he became Mitt Romney’s running mate. Well, we know how that played out.  Today he’s morphed into one of the biggest RINOs inside the beltway.

Washington DC has a history of seducing politicians—I remember foolishly looking forward to John Boehner relieving Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. I’m embarrassed that I’ve allowed a ridiculous number of DC Politicians to deceive me.

Cruz supporters and everyday people - Rush Limbaugh & Mark Levin standing by Rush's private plane.

Cruz supporters and everyday people – Rush Limbaugh & Mark Levin standing by Rush’s private plane.

And this is but a sample of an extremely long list of Benedict Arnolds we have sent to DC. So pardon me if I don’t trust politicians anymore.

They lie.  This is not opinion.  This is fact.  And it’s not just an occasional deception… they lie over and over and over.  And they lie about anything and everything.

Were I not so gullible at the time—I suspect there were red flags with these previous RINOs… but now we’re paying attention. 

This year we have another solid rock of anti-big government conservatism in Ted Cruz. However, if history has taught us anything— the odds are against ANY lawyer/politician remaining true to his word.

One of the on-going arguments against Donald Trump is that Trump is not a conservative, despite the fact we do not make that claim. We claim Trump is a pragmatic businessman with some gorgeous Anti-Left, Anti-PC policies….but be that as it may…
Cruz on the other hand, is portrayed by many…including Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and others… as The Perfect Small Government, Constitutionalist Conservative OUTSIDER, yet they never discuss any of the Ted’s previous votes, positions and actions that contradict this ‘small government’ persona.

First off—Ted is a career government lawyer…I don’t write that as a slap or insult—it is what it is—a fact.  Cruz, the Harvard Law Debate Champion worked for George W. Bush, first as a legal policy adviser to the Bush-Cheney campaign in 2000, then as part of the recount team in Florida. He was the Department of Justice coordinator for the Bush-Cheney transition team and then Associate Deputy Attorney General at the DOJ…then he had a stint at the Federal Trade Commission.
And today… it’s like Ted’s become one of the Bush family.  Teddy Bush?

CdzDnlrWAAAEijLNeil Bush is with the Ted Cruz Campaign. Jeb Bush’s financial team members have joined Cruz Campaign. Jeb Bush has endorsed Ted Cruz—joining Mr. Establishment Linsey Graham, who also endorsed Ted….OH, and don’t forget Nikki Haley.

But my biggest problem—Ted voted for Fast Track Authority (VIDEO BELOW) a legislative GIFT to Obama.  He also wrote a joint Op-Ed with previously mentioned Paul Ryan… that reeks of RINO.  Ted says he is against TPP, maybe he is, however… why bother with TPA, if there was no corresponding Free Trade plan?
  • While running for Senate—Ted was unbelievably opposed to cracking down on China’s currency manipulation (AUDIO: Laura Ingraham Interview below).
  • Ted proposed increase to the number of H1B visas by 500%
fast-trackHow do ‘conservative media’ give Ted a pass on all these ‘less than conservative’ positions?

What happened to fiscal conservatism?

In closing… we cannot afford more of these government negotiated ‘Free Trade’ deals.  They are a disaster.  For the past 25 years, Free Trade agreements have decimated the American economy. And anyone that has supported these free trade agreements—as Ted Cruz consistently has— is demonstrating fundamentally poor economic judgement, and is not qualified to save this UNSUSTAINABLE economy that today is in critical condition.

We need a businessman….that understands finance. That’s why I’m voting for Trump. However, like I said….unlike the childish #NeverTrump people, should Ted Cruz win the nomination, I will absolutely vote for Cruz over Hillary.

UPDATE: I have received multiple messages with the basic theme that ‘Cruz gets a pass on these issues’ because he is so much like Reagan.  With all due respect, Reagan had significant Executive experience as Governor of California….Ted does not.  Reagan had a successful career OUTSIDE of the government  that spanned over 2 decades…  Ted does not.  Ted is a lawyer…Reagan was not.  Reagan was once a Democrat (like myself)…Ted was not.  In his capacity as Governor, Reagan actually stood up to violent protesters…  Ted blamed Trump.

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About the Author

Joe Dan Gorman
Joe Dan Gorman is the creator, host & producer of Intellectual Froglegs. Unapologetic Christian. Nominated for VIDEO BLOGGER OF THE YEAR at CPAC 2013. Former Real Estate Investment Broker until real estate collapse in 2007. Began new career in 2011 - Intellectual Froglegs is like a one-man band... and Joe Dan is that one man. Put God first and everything else will fall into place.
  • Eddie Peuker

    Joe Dan, your arguments are simply wrong minded and appear spitful. You have let t-rumpitis delude your good senses. Praying for your recovery.

    • Joe Dan Gorman

      TPA and government free trade is conservative? Please explain. That will help my recovery.

      • Woody Boyd

        Yet abortion, supporting LGBT special rights, more spending, and bigger government intervention into our lives ARE conservative?

        That’s what you are swallowing if you support Trump.

        If you can explain away Trump’s wrongheaded positions on these issues then maybe I could vote for him.

        By the way, Trump has even more bad positions on issues, but for some reason his supporters are constantly telling me they don’t matter. Why is it that at most you name two issues against Cruz and that dooms him, but there are tons of wrong positions for Trump and he gets a pass on all of them?

        It just doesn’t make any sense with Trump supporters. They know he doesn’t support many of their positions, if they are conservative, but that is perfectly fine as long as he SAYS he supports a couple, maybe a few of their positions. And I always love the disclaimer that Trump’s supporters say they know he isn’t conservative and didn’t claim to be as such. What the heck is that supposed to do, make it alright that he would take us further on the road to serfdom. Yeah, that makes it alright.

    • I know Joe Dan. He is neither wrong-minded NOR spitful (He has manners – no spitting from Joe Dan). PLUS, he’s not spiteful, either. You can spend your prayers elsewhere. He’s rock-solid! ‘Believe me!’ lol

    • Ken

      Cruzbot alert! Cruzhot alert!

  • annieoakley

    JoeDan you are correct. There is little chance of Cruz winning the nomination. I liked him too at first, now I I think he is off his rocker with the Glenn Beck Mormon/Dominionism.

  • Ruger

    I like you research and insight Dan. I was sticking with Cruz till the end, but you have opened my eyes. I am leaning towards Trump more and more. Say have you heard about Kasich taking campaign contributions from George Soros? Smells like another RINO to me! Keep it coming!

  • Joe Dan Gorman

    TPA and government free trade is conservative? Please explain.

  • sue

    We have had 30 plus years of awful candidates I will not hold my nose and vote for cruz it will never happen, I held it for Mccain again for that horrible romney but I won’t in 2016. The establishment, the pundits want to play games,not smart millions of voters will stay home. Its Trump or nothing.

    • If push comes to shove, and they’ve ‘appointed’ someone, we CAN still win. I’ve talked to lots of people and tweeters, and with social media and Trump’s mega-media-platform, we are all pledging to GO TO THE POLLS AND WRITE HIM IN ON THE BALLOTT. If we ALL do, and why shouldn’t we, he is STILL the Populist choice. They think we’ll be like before, reasoning anything is better than Hillary, and vote for them, BUT WITH THE POWER OF MEDIA, ESPECIALLY W/TRUMP AT THE HELM, WE CAN DO THIS! (In the event they railroad him from 1250.) WHY SHOULDN’T WE?

  • Jeeze

    Dan, love your vids. Here’s my take on Cruz:

    Super duper textualist, originalist, strict-constructionist constitutionalist, except when interpreting the “natural born citizen” requirement for the presidency.

    Super duper defender of the right to free speech and assembly in the face of mob violence, except when it suits him politically.

    Super duper stand up guy, except when being a black hat trial attorney grubbing for the bucks for five years in a big, trial lawyer firm.

    Super religious guy, except when hiding his pentacostal/dominionist roots in a veneer of baptist piety.

    Super defender of the nation’s sovereignty, except when in bed with the CFR, literally.

    Super defender of the borders, except when agitating for H-1B visas, the TPP/TPA and the North American Free Trade zone.

    Super duper Senator who read Green Eggs and Ham in a filibuster and got one bill passed –

    Super duper supreme court litigator with a meh record –

    Super duper, red-blooded American who was a Canadian just 2 years ago…

    Super duper American patriot with a family history of no one in the Mayflower society, in the DAR, or a veteran in the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean, or Vietnam wars. Oh, but his Cuban father fought alongside Castro.

    Super conscientious candidate who “forgot” to report the only thing he needed to report – a million dollar loan from Goldman Sachs.

    A Super duper “outsider” who worked for the Bush white house, met and married his wife in what they themselves called the “first Bush administration marriage”, and who was groomed by the Bush political machine, hires corrupt Neil Bush as his campaign staff.

    So Cruz, originally a Bush insider who was such a self-important prick that nobody wanted to work with him, reinvented himself as an outsider to take in the rubes at the expense of the people who gave him his early breaks. What a candidate! What an American!

    • the DON

      Don’t forget the Super Duper Transparent candidate who still has some important sealed documents we would like to see.

  • Betsy

    Hey Joe Dan, Thanks for your analysis. It’s been a crazy whittling of the field. I’ve been excited about Trump since he entered the race, but I’ve also been trying to stay open-minded and stick with the Republican Party. After the Mitt Romney interference, I question them more and more. Then Cruz pulled the Beck showcase just to ensure an already probable Utah win! It was incredibly short-sighted, and there is just no way he’ll win the Mid-Atlantic and New England states against Hillary after that. Are they that archaic? Do they not understand the power of how social media works?!!? The Trump machine is the only thing that can stand against the Clinton machine and win. I’m starting to think I’d prefer a 3rd party. If the GOP is willing to lose against Hillary with Cruz, we should definitely be able to play our winning hand with Trump.

  • That is the best you can smear Ted, yeah he is not perfect but your information is half truths mostly. Like the 500 VISA increase on the gang of 8 bill. He was tricking the democrats to get in on the bill, then he killed it. As Jeff Sessions said “if it wasn’t for Ted Cruz the bill would have passed” You never heard that? I bet you have but as a Trumpacrat, easily ignored. Let all Trump fans answer these…

    Have you ever though or said Planned Parenthood “does good things for women”?

    Do you like the heart of Obamacare, the mandate that Legally Forces Americans to buy health insurance?

    In the last 10 years have you thought your views more closely aligns with the Democrats?

    In the last 15 years would you have said the economy did better under the Democrats at any time?

    Have you ever supported partial-birth abortions?

    Did you thinks it was a good choice when Obama appointed Hillary Clinton to Secretary Of State?

    Have you or would you hire Immigrants on visa instead of American citizens?

    Have you ever said Obama was doing a good job?

    Did you praise Americans for voting Obama to office?

    Should the next president hold off on nullifying the Iran Deal?

    Should we use tariffs to punish China for trade manipulation that will insure 45% higher prices for Americans stores.

    Should America leave the Islamic State (ISIS) to Russia and have sympathy for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin?

    Should Republicans be sure and not reform any of the entitlement programs? (welfare, food stamps, Obama phone/internet)

    Have you ever thought the Clintons were very, very nice people?

    In the last 10 years have you helped democrat politicians get elected with campaign donations?

    Did you support Obama’s 2009 stimulus, TARP, or the 2008 auto bailout?

    In the last 10 years were you ever a registered Democrat?

    Are you ok with the president of America using the words F86k, S#%t and P*$$y on National Tv?

    Should the Kentucky clerk, Kim Davis, who was held in contempt of court refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, been sent to jail?

    If you answered NO to most of these, why the heck are you supporting a Wealth, Elite, crony capitalist NY Liberal? A mans history matters people. What he “says” when needing your vote…not so much. Do you have the courage to accept it? 2/3 of the republican party has not left you, you abandoned us jumping on the liberal emotional vote band wagon.

    • Linda

      The 500%increase on H-1Bvisas was no trick on the democrats. He wanted the expansion and also bring illegals out of the shadow. So you loose there. He also sided with on Obama withTPP-TPA. THIS GUY IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE. He would not the truth if it hit him in the face. He is a Bush INSIDER

  • I my personal favorite! Standing on stage at his Mara Largo resort, says he’s going to bring jobs back to America!
    When 300 Americans have applied to work at the resort, 17 were hired, the rest? Foreign workers on work VISAs (Trump tower, build with Polish VISA Workers, not New Yorkers)
    Do you not see even the smallest problem? This is a fact. Or is it, you don’t want to?

    • Ken

      Weak sauce Ronnie boy, weak sauce. Do some actual research and you’ll quickly see that what you posted is bullshit.

  • Robert and Tricia woodward

    So appreciate all you do!
    Look forward to every video and share on FB regularly.
    Because frog legs ate free to watch but now free to make hope to be sending $ soon(cousin).

  • IRememberAmerica

    We gave them the House, the Senate, and they marched to Obama’s every request. No, I will not be voting for a worm like Ted Cruz. I will write in Trump, go home and say my final goodbye’s to what is left of America and batten down the hatches. Cruz will not win against Hillary, a vote cast for him is the same as a vote for Hillary. America is bleeding out, Mr. Ted Amnesty will do nothing to stave the flow. The two parties are melded together drunk with power and corruption and dancing to the beat of the New World Order. I most certainly will not cast a vote for that. Thank you
    Joe Dan for the videos and commentary, keeps the brain cells active. : )

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  • Gary C

    Let me be clear, when you disagree with this slimebag he characterizes you as as low info and stupid. While he is a career lawyer and whiney politician. I could never vote for him. No more f’ing lawyers.

  • Norman

    Donald Trump is the only one willing to do anything about muslims gone wild. Look at what is happening in Europe, people. It’s not racist, or xenophobic, to want to walk down the street, without being groped or assaulted or worse. Don’t quote me, but didn’t Reagan say this was the last place on earth where freedom exists and their is no other place to go. So once it’s gone it’s gone for good. If Trump at least gets all foreigner’s vetted then we will be better off. Do you think anything will change for the better in this area if Cruz is elected?

  • Todd

    You can’t indict all lawyers, simply because you never accomplished your personal goal. Many of us are the backbone of Trump supporters and there is nothing wrong with being an attorney. You lose credibility when you use such a wide brush, judging an entire profession based on some negative stereotype. Besides there is no reason to do so!

  • Vinny

    I want to thank you for an excellent article, those are my thoughts and feelings about these two men as well. And I totally agree, these facts have been missing from a the neocon pundit media, they are doing for Cruz what the liberal media does for their little criminals, and I’m sorry, but that’s not conservatism, that’s fascism in my book.