Mr. Conservative: Ted Cruz, the Outsider? Not so much


First let me say as a strong Trump supporter, if Ted Cruz wins the nomination fair and square— I will absolutely vote Cruz over Hillary without hesitation.  Because #NeverHillary.  


Reminiscing—-prior to 2012, many conservatives, including myself believed that Paul Ryan was a solid rock of anti-big government conservatism…. and we were actually optimistic when he became Mitt Romney’s running mate. Well, we know how that played out.  Today he’s morphed into one of the biggest RINOs inside the beltway.

Washington DC has a history of seducing politicians—I remember foolishly looking forward to John Boehner relieving Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. I’m embarrassed that I’ve allowed a ridiculous number of DC Politicians to deceive me.

Cruz supporters and everyday people - Rush Limbaugh & Mark Levin standing by Rush's private plane.
Cruz supporters and everyday people – Rush Limbaugh & Mark Levin standing by Rush’s private plane.

And this is but a sample of an extremely long list of Benedict Arnolds we have sent to DC. So pardon me if I don’t trust politicians anymore.

They lie.  This is not opinion.  This is fact.  And it’s not just an occasional deception… they lie over and over and over.  And they lie about anything and everything.

Were I not so gullible at the time—I suspect there were red flags with these previous RINOs… but now we’re paying attention. 

This year we have another solid rock of anti-big government conservatism in Ted Cruz. However, if history has taught us anything— the odds are against ANY lawyer/politician remaining true to his word.

One of the on-going arguments against Donald Trump is that Trump is not a conservative, despite the fact we do not make that claim. We claim Trump is a pragmatic businessman with some gorgeous Anti-Left, Anti-PC policies….but be that as it may…
Cruz on the other hand, is portrayed by many…including Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and others… as The Perfect Small Government, Constitutionalist Conservative OUTSIDER, yet they never discuss any of the Ted’s previous votes, positions and actions that contradict this ‘small government’ persona.

First off—Ted is a career government lawyer…I don’t write that as a slap or insult—it is what it is—a fact.  Cruz, the Harvard Law Debate Champion worked for George W. Bush, first as a legal policy adviser to the Bush-Cheney campaign in 2000, then as part of the recount team in Florida. He was the Department of Justice coordinator for the Bush-Cheney transition team and then Associate Deputy Attorney General at the DOJ…then he had a stint at the Federal Trade Commission.
And today… it’s like Ted’s become one of the Bush family.  Teddy Bush?

CdzDnlrWAAAEijLNeil Bush is with the Ted Cruz Campaign. Jeb Bush’s financial team members have joined Cruz Campaign. Jeb Bush has endorsed Ted Cruz—joining Mr. Establishment Linsey Graham, who also endorsed Ted….OH, and don’t forget Nikki Haley.

But my biggest problem—Ted voted for Fast Track Authority (VIDEO BELOW) a legislative GIFT to Obama.  He also wrote a joint Op-Ed with previously mentioned Paul Ryan… that reeks of RINO.  Ted says he is against TPP, maybe he is, however… why bother with TPA, if there was no corresponding Free Trade plan?
  • While running for Senate—Ted was unbelievably opposed to cracking down on China’s currency manipulation (AUDIO: Laura Ingraham Interview below).
  • Ted proposed increase to the number of H1B visas by 500%
fast-trackHow do ‘conservative media’ give Ted a pass on all these ‘less than conservative’ positions?

What happened to fiscal conservatism?

In closing… we cannot afford more of these government negotiated ‘Free Trade’ deals.  They are a disaster.  For the past 25 years, Free Trade agreements have decimated the American economy. And anyone that has supported these free trade agreements—as Ted Cruz consistently has— is demonstrating fundamentally poor economic judgement, and is not qualified to save this UNSUSTAINABLE economy that today is in critical condition.

We need a businessman….that understands finance. That’s why I’m voting for Trump. However, like I said….unlike the childish #NeverTrump people, should Ted Cruz win the nomination, I will absolutely vote for Cruz over Hillary.

UPDATE: I have received multiple messages with the basic theme that ‘Cruz gets a pass on these issues’ because he is so much like Reagan.  With all due respect, Reagan had significant Executive experience as Governor of California….Ted does not.  Reagan had a successful career OUTSIDE of the government  that spanned over 2 decades…  Ted does not.  Ted is a lawyer…Reagan was not.  Reagan was once a Democrat (like myself)…Ted was not.  In his capacity as Governor, Reagan actually stood up to violent protesters…  Ted blamed Trump.

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