The Art of Grace: Nobody likes an ‘A-Hole’

Abe Lincoln QuoteNobody wants to embrace the arsonist that’s been burning down their house…just the contrary. Initial human-nature suggests ‘stringing him or her up’ by his or her ‘unspeakables.’

But when the number of arsonists equal or exceed our own, that’s hardly a viable option.  And where would we find enough string?

Contrary to popular belief, ‘kindness’ is not weakness, nor is it acquiescence… it is the first step of a successful diplomat on any path to victory.

We’re starting to see folks who’ve traditionally voted Democrat (not the hopeless hard-left freak variety), that for the first time are ‘beginning to pay attention’ to our message of lost liberties & freedoms—not because we’ve been so convincing or so compelling— but because our message is accompanied by real-life interactive visuals (jobs, paychecks & groceries).

This is where Ayn Rand’s quote could not be more appropriate: “You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.”

Kindness doesn't suckAs ‘the task’ of meeting the ever-increasing ‘day to day’ cost of living gets more and more difficult—to many, the vanishing American Dream seems to get clearer and clearer… like focusing a lens on a camera.

Now trust me, ‘crow’ is not at all a tasty dish, and it is not easy for anyone to admit they’ve been a willing member of the BDMC, the Blind Dumb Masses Club—so it is our job, as ‘hosts of this awesome message of freedom’ to treat these lost souls with respect and patience, because we need them.

And they need us…

A lifetime of believing in unicorns is not immediately purged from one’s system. They’re kinda like crack heads and Government is their ‘Dealer.’

A few days ago, I was attempting to have an ‘even-keeled & civil’ discussion with some ‘now-wavering’ Democrat voters on my facebook page… but the behavior of some “so-called conservatives’, aka ‘people that are supposed to be on my side’ was embarrassing and at times, almost ‘liberal-esque’ vile.

You people are not helping.

Sadly, the left does NOT have the market cornered on ill-mannered jackasses.

Like it or not—we are all now in sales. Some of us are better than others… but there are times when we ‘all’ need to modify our presentation to sell our product to skeptical buyers.

Now, you guys that are actually ‘in sales for a living’ know that the single most important ingredient in successful selling is believing in your product. And THAT is a major advantage in our favor, because we are selling historically-proven commodities—freedom and truth.

But there are common sense rules.

RULE No. 1: Never greet ‘potential customers’ with an insult–unless you don’t need the sale (And we need every one we can get).

Look around, guys, WE’RE the ones getting our donkeys kicked— NOT vice-versa. And preaching to the choir will NOT increase our numbers.

And an article need not be ‘lengthy’ to make a point.


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