VIDEO: Trolling Jim Acosta: The Art of the Troll


UPDATE: As a Cherry on top— our glorious trolling received airtime on CNN, hardly compelling stuff, but video here.

LOOK HOW DISHONEST: Most people just read headlines…and in the following article Mediaite makes it appear as if I was the one berating—contrary to their own tweets saying how nice I was.

—-original article—

Last night I attended my first Trump Rally in Nashville, and it was a hoot.  Trump was Trump. A master communicator, but enough about me.  LOL.  America loves Trump, and quite frankly, I believe our biggest concern is keeping the dude safe.  There are nuts out there.

It was like a Hillary Clinton Rally, but with people.

I try not to be a sycophant for anyone….including President Trump.  But Watching Trump is like watching Michael Jordan or Barry Sanders in their prime— or better yet  watching an amazing musician perform so well— the songs you THOUGHT you wanted to hear, fade into your utter amazement.

Anyway— to the trolling of Jim.

It was not-at-all planned, but by pure happenstance—the planets of Karma lined up perfectly. I had selected my freshly laundered “You are Fake News” shirt (as I always look amazing in it)… with no idea I would cross paths with the King of Fake News himself, CNN’s Jim Acosta. But as soon as I saw reigning heavyweight champion of Fake News—I had an idea.

Target Acquired

After performing a series impressive Interpretive Fake News Dance routines in front of the press cage— I knew had Jim’s attention—how could I not?  So with the agility of an overweight cat and the cunning of a buffalo….  I sprung into action.

I have to say… Jimmy was actually nice —although I could sense he was intimidated by my vastly superior intellect.  And he was also very wrong as we discussed the Chicago Gun problem–for which he blamed Indiana.  (So, Chicago’s gun problem is Indiana’s fault? Sure, why not?)  LOL.  BUT seeing as how I was in an extra- good mood— I broke out a ‘full-court press’ charm offensiveas I had to distract him from the giant “YOU ARE FAKE NEWS” text emblazoned across my chest… just long enough to get a handshake & a pic.

The picture Jim posted was just the Karma thing… I can’t wait until the next rally.

Final thought: Jim Acosta is not what you would call a ‘burly fellow’— to the contrary, I was afraid to shake his Palmolive-soft hand too hard….for something might snap, pop or squish.

And bless his heart—he had no clue he was being trolled.  You know, zero-self-awareness is an important quality for today’s journalists.

You gotta admit—getting “the troll-ee” to help you troll him = master level trolling [see Jim’s Tweet below]

But all in all, it was a great time.

And today—I am an Internet Folk Hero…for a few minutes….in certain small circles.  LOL.

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