The Conservative’s Guide to the Galaxy (S2E8)

tv-headsThe most serious problems we face as a nation are a direct result of our government-run media…  and it makes no difference how articulate our solutions may be—our voices are blocked, drowned out and demonized by this same media.

This criminal Broadcast News Media is nothing but ‘enablers’ for a Democrat Party that gets NOT just a free pass—but a pat on the back— for the most INSANELY IRRESPONSIBLE behavior.  A 16 Trillion Dollar Debt—and a budget is not important?  See that’s where a real press is supposed to come in.  They’re SUPPOSED to be on our side.

This media is dangerous because their motivation for earning money i.e. financial security takes a backseat to pleasing our federal government… This is easily proven…as I do in this episode.

The notion that we will solve ANY of the problems we face today— without first ‘dealing with’ AKA neutering this media, is delusional.


And by ‘dealing with’ I mean remove their power.

We’re not going to affect them with protests, emails, letters or petitions— All of these  have been tried to no avail.  The don’t care.

We must now understand that we now live in a New Digital World with a new digital economy. Streams and rivers of invisible money…and generated by our clicks.  Everything you click & watch is trackable and monetized.

No clicks. No views. No visits. We have to Turn Them Off.  There is no other option.

We talk about how the radical left burying our kids under MOUNTAINS of debt is immoral and a betrayal of our children—-how is it any less immoral for us…on the right—to knowingly refuse to change our behaviors.

This is not game….

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