The Environmental Refugee & the Bi-Polar Bear – Intellectual Froglegs #24

FroglegsIt was the best of frauds…it was the worst of frauds. Springtime blizzards sure can be inspirational.

Despite being debunked at every turn— the Eco-Commies remain undeterred. Just a glimpse at their ‘less than 4 decade old’ metamorphosis—‘Global Cooling to Global Warming to the now safe “Climate Change’—now, no matter what happens…they can say “See…I told you!”

Speaking of ‘Sea Quest’— President Obama forces Americans to sacrifice ‘air safety’ by closing 149 Air Traffic Control Towers due to ‘budgetary constraints’…  yet he can ‘scrape up’ $500 Million to give to Hamas—the same Hamas that cheer and dance in the streets at the deaths of Jews and Americans.

Tunage from Yes, Eric Clapton, Foghat, Atlanta Rhythm Section and Dean Martin.

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