The Last Straw

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Many people have accurately pointed it out that the traditional media IS the Democratic Party — and the Democratic Party IS the traditional media. They’re inseparable, and it’s undeniable.

It’s ALSO undeniable that they are SO consumed by hate— they will set their grandmother on fire to beat Trump.

Democrat Zombie-Land has become so annoying and shrill— they’re no more than an ill-behaved child throwing a tantrum in the corner of the room while the adults are trying to enjoy dinner.

They scream like lunatics. Everything pushes them the Maximum Anger.

And we, the American people are sick of this childish bul…. ahem, nonsense…. the accusations are now so preposterous, many trump supporters, like myself, have stopped wasting our time defending President Trump to these lunatics.

You can’t reason with Crazy.

I hope you enjoy the new episode. And thank you for supporting independent media. God bless.



UPDATE: [Tuesday 9/10] The website appears to be fixed following the Malware attack., but JD still needs our help. Click here for Joe Dan’s Prayer request

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