The Liberal Church of the Intolerant Heart… and Zombies -Intellectual Froglegs #5

This week’s Intellectual Frog Legs episode is a little more personal…  It’s basically a wrap up of my experience here in Kansas City with an insanely politically-correct Liberal church.  But the BIG question is “Do you know where your church stands?”  Drop me a line and lemme know.

Here’s your weekend supply of fresh frog legs. “The Liberal Church of the Intolerant Heart – and Zombies”

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If you’re interested, I actually began chronicling these bizarre events with the liberal churches right here on this blog back in April (“Where in the hell are the churches?”) and a follow-up earlier this week (“Liberal Churches – Liars, Bigots and Hypocrites”).

This week’s featured Closing music is “Parasite: CODE NAME: Obama)” Thank you so much for for being here!  God bless.

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