“The Peasants are Revolting” w guest Dr. Bill Warner

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CmCPzjyUsAAoqEgHappy Independence Day to our friends over in Great Britain.  The historical significance of this is huge.  Far-Left ideology has failed again.

Their ideology, socialism, marxism, liberalism, whatever the Label du Jour —it fails because it defies human nature.  Always.

And there are indeed similarities between ourselves and our British friends… Both countries have come under the rule of far left radicals with their Iron Fisted Diversity and intolerant tolerance.  They are “The Progressives”… or so they like to be called, but Global Parasites are more like it.

Clz61JUUsAA-fEzAnd the Clintons are among those at the top of the food chain.

Like our European friends, this radical left ideology has also intentionally overloaded our already incompetent immigration system with middle eastern muslims.  These poorly educated, victims of inbred genetic happenstance are trained in hatred for Israel and America. Their freaking favorite song is “Death to America!”

And when Jihad takes another American life—- without exception, the lunatic left will play petulant games to take gun rights away from law abiding citizens. We need Muslim control… not Gun Control.

And our SPECIAL GUEST: Dr. Bill Warner happens to be THE ‘go-to guy’ on Islam.  Dr. Bill’s resume is so good it makes me feel dumber than Matt Damon. Dr. Warner’s website is Political Islam.

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Joe Dan Gorman
Joe Dan Gorman is the creator, host & producer of Intellectual Froglegs. Unapologetic Christian. Nominated for VIDEO BLOGGER OF THE YEAR at CPAC 2013. Former Real Estate Investment Broker until real estate collapse in 2007. Began new career in 2011 - Intellectual Froglegs is like a one-man band... and Joe Dan is that one man. Put God first and everything else will fall into place.
  • Joe Harden

    Was not sure you could top NeverTrumpBabies.. but this was close … and I found Dr. Bill before I stumbled on FU… talk about a strange combo.. but it works. now get back to work.. and woman.. bring me another beer.

  • JerseyJoe

    In the short summary of Moh and Islam, I would include that Moh got 20% of all the booty and slaves… The cult is an organized crime ring from its very inception.

  • JerseyJoe

    I am not a big one for dance numbers but the clip at the end was very unique and kinda cool. Thx for the edumication Dr. Joe Dan.

  • Jill Coffey

    Thanks to Intellectual Frog legs, I am now smarter than all my friends. (And Matt Damon) I can’t get enough of these videos. I share them on Facebook constantly, and got 3, count ’em, 3 new subscribers! Keep up the fantastic work, Guys! Now I’m going to get myself a beer, and head on over to Dr. Warner’s website so I can crush Ben Affleck with my supreme knowledge, if he ever calls me back.

  • Ruger

    Great resourceful and entertaining video Joe Dan! I was already aware of Bill Warner as well. But I think it is great that you introduced him to more people, so they can know more about evil islam!

  • Chad

    Great episode, as usual. I’ve been a “fan” of Dr. Bill for a couple of years now and I highly recommend his website and literature. Joe Dan, what is the name of the song during the intro with the banjo and black folks dancing? It kind of sounds like Pride & Glory to me.

  • Michael Slavin

    7-1-2016 (1802) Yet another purposely created government problem by the NWO/One-worlders at the expense of the citizens it claims to be helping/protecting. Great Britain makes the intelligent first move out of the European union~~~~~~Michael Slavin Sr.

    No surprises here, erase borders and overwhelm the infrastructure, stretch resources/money to the breaking point, in the name of diversity all the while expanding governmental control and power over the minions.

    Then create yet another “department of everything” to deal with all the issues/problems that develop because of their ruinous edicts.

    This is another reason why the idiotic Angela Merkel and other
    ‘leaders’ of the socialistic european union are letting their countries get over-run with muslim “immigrants.”

    Government bureaucrats create 99.9% of the very problems that government bureaucrats claim to be the solution for over and over again, year after year, decade after decade and then blame someone else/another entity or another party for the problems that the government created to begin with. Insane? Yes……

    This has all been part of the NWO plan, but it has increased exponentially under the “Manchrian Candidate/Trojan Horse” potus that we have had to suffer with for nearly 8 years.

    This was yet another reason for the over-bloated faceless bureaucracy known as the European Union materializing in 1993. Under the guise of competing with the United States economically, the haphazardly cobbled ‘union’ has never achieved that which its backers claimed it would.

    What did it achieve?

    It centralized power for a few at the expense of the many.

    It enriched the few at the expense of many.

    It created bright futures for a few and crushed the futures of the many.

    This is also the reason NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) was created in 1994, the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) is again another way to “erase borders” in the world. All of these plans were put forth in economic terms, yet IMHO they were again another piece of the puzzle that is the New World Order.

    Marxist/fascist/totalitarian/despotic/socialistic leaders have “ALWAYS” claimed that the general population is/was not intelligent enough to run their own lives. SO in their mentally challenged little minds it was their civic duty to put forth a plan/vision for the common good of all.

    To them though it matters not how many corpses result from their totalitarian “grand collective plan.” It was always full speed ahead to see their plans through to cancerous fruition.

    You can go back to the formation of the “most criminal and most useless entity” on the face of the earth, the United Nations. This “MISTAKE” should be the template for all citizens to use the thwart present and future power grabs. (I have a dissertation about ending/leaving the U.N. for those that are interested.

    It is way past high time that the United States and other like-minded western countries either “End the U.N.” or just leave it in the “collective dust-heap.”

    The “one-worlders” know that the only way to achieve their ‘grand visions’ is to break down the United States to near 3rd world country status. These dimwitted socialists goal is to lower the standard of living for the west down to the shit-hole socialistic countries level(s).

    My hope is that the historic decision of Great Britain leaving the E.U. prompts other European countries to follow in kind. (I know there are still issues to be ironed out within Great Britain as of this writing).

    Maybe this will be looked at by historians 50 years hence, as the beginning of the end of being ruled and controlled by the few at the expense of the many.

    “If SHEEP could vote they would pick the person who feeds them, even if it is the same person that will “SLAUGHTER” them later.”

  • dew

    Man i am beside myself on one thing,that for some reason I can not get it across to anyone.We are suppose to be living in a free Republic ,but instead we live in a Communist Democracy.I know all the steps to the front door and have tried to explain how we got here,but it is so far the journey that no one else can see it.At least i have not run across one single person that can see it.I went searching in history what was wrong with my Country.The fact is I found it and know one will believe me.What is even more scary is the fact i found out what is wrong with Christianity as well.That one I was not looking for.Anyway no matter what the pieces of paper says .in reality we live in a Communist democracy.At least our Country functions like one.

  • dew

    If anyone would like to know I would be glad to explain the journey and point out places in which to go and understand the transformation.They mix up everything .it has been their MO for 2500 years.You talk about peasant.Though i am not a great communicator,I am excellent at seeing patterns in almost anything that exist.I suppose it is easier trying to see the patterns if you look at the big pic and do not pay attention to the details as most do.since we are massively given fluoride in everything,our memories are not long at all.I am confident that fluoride causes old timers disease.If you can get away from it ,i would suggest that you do fast.either way maybe I will write a book on the above subject as the journey is too long to be so short and it would show treason among the governors all the ay from 1820s until now.Never go by what a person says ,but always watch what they do.The above comment is absolute.

  • dew

    Last comment : My wife ran across your site and showed it to me ,so I just wanted to tell you that I had a big laugh.You are really good and very funny.Thanks for being there for me to find.Good stuff man!

  • dew

    oh by the way England is and has always been the what is left of the 9nth legion of Rome.The queen of England is the first protector of Rome.England is none other than a province of Rome.As long as we have English Maritime courts in our America united States.We have not left the Socialist or Communist Democracy.We must treat England as Our forefathers did 1{keep them as far away from us in every way as we can}Get all the English subordinate lawyers out of our Gov.Do away with the Maritime Courts that have put more people in this so called free land in jail.Get the lawyers out and the stupid codes will stop like the war on this ,the war on that ,the war on drugs is just plain stupid.Made them more money than manufacturing}

  • Boxerpaws Sarver

    how is the Queen of England the first protector of Rome? I’m not getting the connection. Rome is located in Italy.