“The Peasants are Revolting” w guest Dr. Bill Warner

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CmCPzjyUsAAoqEgHappy Independence Day to our friends over in Great Britain.  The historical significance of this is huge.  Far-Left ideology has failed again.

Their ideology, socialism, marxism, liberalism, whatever the Label du Jour —it fails because it defies human nature.  Always.

And there are indeed similarities between ourselves and our British friends… Both countries have come under the rule of far left radicals with their Iron Fisted Diversity and intolerant tolerance.  They are “The Progressives”… or so they like to be called, but Global Parasites are more like it.

Clz61JUUsAA-fEzAnd the Clintons are among those at the top of the food chain.

Like our European friends, this radical left ideology has also intentionally overloaded our already incompetent immigration system with middle eastern muslims.  These poorly educated, victims of inbred genetic happenstance are trained in hatred for Israel and America. Their freaking favorite song is “Death to America!”

And when Jihad takes another American life—- without exception, the lunatic left will play petulant games to take gun rights away from law abiding citizens. We need Muslim control… not Gun Control.

And our SPECIAL GUEST: Dr. Bill Warner happens to be THE ‘go-to guy’ on Islam.  Dr. Bill’s resume is so good it makes me feel dumber than Matt Damon. Dr. Warner’s website is Political Islam.

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