The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (IFL S2E11)

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It took our federal government 44 years to put America in 8 Trillion Dollar Debt—- from 1963 to 2007– yet almost inconceivably, today’s Socialist Democrat Party has matched that insane amount in only 6 years.   SIX YEARS!

And now these Democrat Free-Spenders don’t even have a budget, yet they are demanding we raise the limit on their credit cards… WHILE they preach to US about fiscal responsibility?  With the full cooperation of the media, of course.

If we had a media… American would know this, but we don’t have a media.

If we had a media… more Americans would be seeing patriots like the 2 Millions Bikers that took over an event originally called The Million Muslim March….

And it ain’t going to change as long as the Democrat Party continues its practice of hiring Reporters & Journalists for ALL of their staffing needs— and conservatives keep tuning in like lemmings.

Conservatives BETTER start investing in media—because whoever owns the strongest media….wins.

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