The Sigmund Frauds of Academia (column)

Grooming tomorrow’s voters… today

Schools no longer strive for truth, wisdom and knowledge—their goal is to propagate agenda-driven opinion. Period.

We’ve allowed breathtakingly-selfish, political-hack unions to take over ‘all aspects’ of our public education system, and now they dictate the curriculum –without even a whimper of a challenge.

They have become so massive, we don’t even know ‘how’ to challenge.

When the system fails… our educators don’t blame the ‘dues paying’ teachers’—but they blame and diagnose the children…by the millions, with “learning disabilities’ (aka ADD, ADHD) and put these kids on drugs (behavioral medications).

“One size WILL fit all”…even if we have to force it.

Imagine school-age versions of Albert Einstein, Robin Williams, John Lennon & Jeffery Dahmer in a class together…circa 2012.  Who would be more apt to work quietly in a ‘drone-like’ manner? Who would be diagnosed with ‘learning disabilities’ and drugged?

The children are being hurt… They’re being lied to… and they’re being robbed.

What kind of unamerican jackasses are ‘we’ to continue to do nothing?

Cheating among teachers is becoming more and more commonplace and they can’t be fired… even if they can’t spell or even if they’re perverts.

We’ve replaced ‘the teachings of the greatest minds throughout history’ with ‘the indoctrination into radical left-wing agendas.’

The left-wing philosophies of ‘moral relativism’ dictate that everyone is right, so no one is wrong….except successful business people and Christians. Everyone else is a victim of the ‘unfair’ system of capitalism…aka ‘rich people.’

Our schools teach “Thou shall not offend” anyone….well, anyone except Christians, because they’ll undoubtedly turn America into a theocracy if they get half a chance.

Such a widespread ignorance of Christianity is not at all surprising considering that ‘history teachers’ have been forbidden from using the most historically significant book in all of mankind, ‘The Holy Bible’ for a half century—because the government bans it… But in truth, even in a perfect Christian world, the bible does not call for a theocracy.

But by all means let’s teach kids how to put condoms on cucumbers….and warn them of the dangers of the ‘politically driven fairy-tales’ like ‘man-made’ global warming.

Unions ‘our’ my cup of tea— a sign of the times

Even the majority of non-religious, yet otherwise reasonable Americans believe the philosophy of Alexis de Tocqueville, in that “Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith.” as it is a necessary component of a free society. Because it is true. And that the fundamental “Love thy neighbor’ tenants of Christianity makes for great neighbors.

But the secular lefties that run the union-controlled Department of Education omit anything and everything that may even remotely portray Christianity in a positive light. Many leftwingers say I’m wrong, yet they cannot name one exception. So, of course they call me a right-wing religious fanatic (among other things that dare not be repeated in polite company).

Our science teachers teach nothing of the Cambrian Period—which unlike Darwin’s “Theory (or Educated Guess) of Evolution” is actually supported by fossilized evidence that:

  1. strengthens the case for God, and
  2. creates monumental problems for Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, which Darwin himself freely admitted:

“To the question of why we do not find rich fossiliferous deposits belonging to these…periods prior to the Cambrian system, I can give no satisfactory answer” – Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species (1859) summarizing what has come to be known as ‘Darwin’s Dilemma.’

Our schools also teach nothing of the greatest mass murdering mechanism over the past 100 yearsPolitical Greed. Mankind’s failed experiments with the multiple forms of tyranny; socialism, marxism & communism have resulted in the murder and/or starvation of over 150 million innocent human lives since 1918. The cornerstone of these societies is government-controlled religion.

Socialistic governments require an allegiance that cannot be shared with a God.

As a matter of fact, the Separation of Church and State Clause DOES exist in the constitution—just not ours. Article 52 of the constitution of the Soviet Union (1977): “In the USSR, the church is separated from the state, and the school from the church.”

Now look at us. Christian symbols are forbidden, Prayers are forbidden, the pledge of alliegence is forbidden, the bible is forbidden….wrong has become right.

Only a fool or a full-blown lying communist can deny that our educational system no longer even resembles that which built this, the greatest country in the world… we have indeed embraced the communist model.

And remaining consistent with their absurd rationalities, these radical left-wingers teach that those who strive to be virtuous followers of Jesus Christ—loving thy neighbor— are the cause of the world’s troubles. This sure sounds familiar to those of us that are not historical idiots.

You cannot expect a nation of immoral idiots to make intelligent, moral decisions.

So while we’re waiting for the ‘smart people’ to tell us what to do, I recommend two simple tasks.  And make no mistake, ‘simple’ does not mean easy…

1. Parents of the students need to get involved. Challenge the status quo…if you make the 6 o’clock News, even better. But ‘challenging the status quo’ does NOT mean ‘breaking the law.’

2. Most of all, Churches need to ‘man up’… While “Homeschooling” is likely the ideal situation, it is simply not practical for the majority of parents, so we need LOTS of reasonably priced private schools—and what a better place for that than churches?

You know you saw this coming… I saw it coming too.  But for decades we ignored it. We saw it getting bigger and bigger, and we STILL ignored it.  But the consequences cannot be ignored… because now, everything is at stake.


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