The Skeptic Tank vs The Church of the Weather

I use the phrase skeptic tank—Because liberals think I stink. Maybe I do

I found a 30-year old Associated Press news article from 1989 with the headline, “UN Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked.” The first paragraph reads (emphasis by me):

UNITED NATIONS (AP) _ A senior U.N. environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.

With the exception of the year 2000—it sure sounds familiar. Deja Voodoo!

Anyway I promptly sent the article to my favorite liberal friend, who I love dearly— and asked “What do you make of this?”

He responded,“Why don’t you tell me what you make of it?”

I agreed, and started frantically writing my response when it occurred to me— a response this brilliant should be posted for the world to see— or at least posted on my website.

So here goes…

Aside from religious nuts [like me]… ‘more-sophisticated’ members of society like scientists, teachers, philosophers and members of the scientific community have predicted the end of the planet and/or humanity for thousands of years.

In the 15th century a consensus of scientists believed the earth was flat.

Last century, a consensus of doctors thought smoking cigarettes was good for you.  I was actually cheering for that one.  I quit smoking in 2011 on my 50th birthday.  Dang, I’m old.

When I landed on planet Earth in the 60s— prominent voices were screaming about overpopulation and the mass starvation… and of course “sticking it to the man.”

In the 70s it was Global Cooling

In the 80s it became Global Warming…

in 2006, Al Gore and his team of ‘scientists’ told us we had 10 years before the earth would reach a point of no return

Today it is climate change…

That pretty much covers everything doesn’t it?  It doesn’t matter what it’s doing—it’s proof of climate change dammit!  

But in a stunning display of irony… aside from the flat Earth example, whether the problem is cooling or warming or starvation or what ever…the solution is always a more powerful central government.  It’s always the same people calling for it.  And it’s always attached to leftwing political ideology

I mean seriously, if you’re facing a problem of humanity-threatening magnitude, or a potential ‘Extinction Level Event’— You’re going to call the government?. Are you insane?

Why on [doomed] earth would you think government could solve it?   What was the last real problem facing society that government solved?  [not caused]

Recently and on numerous occasions, I’m ridiculed by liberals because I’m skeptical of their “97% Consensus of Scientists.” …when all I do is ask for a list of the scientists. How many were there? Who were the dissenters?

AND if rising tides are REALLY an imminent threat—why would the Obamas just drop $15 Million on their new home….  26 acres of ocean front property at Martha’s Vineyard?  The Obama’s don’t seem overly concerned.

This is of course contrary to a 2016 National Geographic clip I have of Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio talking climate change, wherein Obama says his “greatest fear” is for the number of people living on the coastlines. 

I’m so happy Obama could overcome his greatest fear….but seriously, how in the name of Bill Nye’s bowtie is that NOT ‘the ultimate’ in modern-day hypocrisy?

Incidentally, one of the most popular proponents of man-made climate change is Bill Nye the Science Guy—who is not a scientist at all. He’s an engineer. Even Bill’s brand is a fraud.

And when I engage with people who… with a religious fervor insist “climate change is man-made!”— they always say the science is settled.  But they’ll never talk about any specifics that aren’t flattering to their religion….I mean, cause.

I’m a science denier, a climate denier, a flat-earther, and on and on——come to think of it, they always have a condescending/derogatory term for anyone who disagrees with their politics.   [see racist, homophobe, misogynist, nazi, fascist, Xenophobe…etc]

Speaking of scientists—— According to Zürich University of applied sciences… the last glacial maximum [LGM] when ice covered half of what is now the United States— occurred 20,000 years ago.  20,000 years ago the average Earth temperature was 48°F— today 20,000 years later, the average earth’s temperature is 59°F.  

So it’s a scientific fact that the earth is warming, and has been warming for a long ass time——WAY before those pesky humans.

There is no evidence that man caused or is accelerating the pre-existing and on-going ‘natural warming of the planet which is currently a 20,000 year trend, only conjecture—and there’s certainly no evidence that man can stop it.

I know my liberal friend will disagree.

And my rarely humble opinion, I don’t think my liberal friend really believes this stuff… as much as he has accepted it.

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