The Unicorn Poacher (S2E14)

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Cartoon_Daletoon_Merdas_25There are so many ‘decades-old’ media-driven false perceptions—especially about the inept Republican Party, that are widely accepted as fact…but if the GOP is the party of the rich…

  1. Where the hell is our Martha’s Vineyard?
  2. Ask anyone off the street to list of the richest Americans… they will almost exclusively list ‘wildly liberal’ Democrats—Oprah, Jay Z, Warren Buffet.   Then ask them to specifically name republicans.. few will name Donald Trump or the Koch Brothers….  most cannot name a single one.
  3. There are more than twice as many millionaire democrats as there are millionaire republicans.  These Multi-Millionaire congressmen (Reid, Kerry [at the time], Pelosi, et al) laughably declared that a “rich person” was anyone that made over $250,000 annually.  Because they know their ‘target constituents’ the welfare parasites, believe that $250,000 IS rich….. so they plant the seeds of envy & division.

The Democrat Party is the party of the Nasty-Rich.  They are supported and financed by those that can absorb all the government bureaucracy and red tape—and not affect their lifestyle whatsoever.

That’s why the Republican Party, which has passed zero significant legislation in recent memory— always gets blamed for everything.  They have no celebrity spokesmen…or networks.


And a quick thanks…   We may not have big numbers, but Intellectual Froglegs has some amazing and loyal viewers.  God bless you guys.  Thank you for your support, your prayers and for sharing the show with as many people as you can.

Laus Deo

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