The Yuge Case for Donald Trump – Part 2 (IFL 11.16.15 )

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A Trump Crowd… the media would rather you didn’t see this.

The lines have been drawn– there is a segment of society that no matter what… they hate Donald Trump, and the notion of him becoming president make them ill..  To them I dedicate this video. Heh, heh, heh.

The number one, two and three issues are the border, the economy and immigration…. all three inextricably connected.  And America wants the damn wall that we’ve been promised for 40 years. Trump will deliver.

The haters continue to claim Trump is no conservative… but his policies are conservative as hell…which leads me to the following conclusion.   Considering Trump’s undeniably conservative policies… in conjunction with his unparalleled business successes— and add the fact that he has lived his life in a WILDLY liberal Manhattan, I conclude that Trump has always been a closet conservative.

A businessman has to make friends to succeed.

From the show…

12243536_10205038525582971_8023192370017133498_nThe Hillary for Prison List

18USC§201 Bribery
18USC§371 Conspiracy
18USC§1001 False Statements
18USC§1341 Frauds And Swindles (Mail Fraud)
18USC§1343 Fraud By Wire
18USC§1349 Attempt And Conspiracy (To Commit Fraud)
18USC§1505 Obstruction Of Justice
18USC§1519 Destruction (Alteration Or Falsification) Of Records In Federal Investigation
18USC§1621 Perjury (Including Documents Signed Under Penalties Of Perjury)
18USC§1905 Disclosure Of Confidential Information
18USC§1924 Unauthorized Removal And Retention Of Classified Documents Or Material
18USC§2071 Concealment (Removal Or Mutilation) Of Government Records
18USC§7201 Attempt To Evade Or Defeat A Tax (Use Of Clinton Foundation Funds For Personal Or Political Purposes)
18USC§7212 Attempts To Interfere With Administration Of Internal Revenue Laws (Call To IRS On Behalf Of UBS Not Turning Over Accounts To IRS)

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