Traitors and Lunatics

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The anti-Trump forces, the liberals, the rhinos and other assorted globalists are actually more anti-American than they are anti-Trump, because truth be told—they are opposed ANYONE that’s America First…. but be that as it may, they are losing on every front—from Hollywood to the NFL to our now hysterical attack-dog media…

George W. Bush receives a hug from Michelle Obama

…and it is glorious to watch.

Even miracles are happening— ‘the 8-year Mute’ George W. Bush suddenly spoke.  Of course, he used this opportunity to criticize Trump as did his Democrat counterpart- Barack Insane Obama – who incidentally, between these 2 former presidents are responsible for 75% of America’s $20 Trillion budget.

Neither made reference to Trump’s amazing economic numbers thus far.

As a matter of fact— don’t expect Trump to get ANY credit for ANY good deed.

Publicly attacking President Trump for the very personal phone call to the family of one of our fallen heroes… is even a new low for these sick, sick people. But not surprising.

Over on another liberal planetoid—I heard clips from NBC where Mika & Joe [or ‘the Pigeon Sisters as Chris Plante calls them] were actually openly sympathetic to the North Koreans —while of course, viciously attacking the President Trump as the cause and aggressor.  It was stunning.

“Mika, you’ve got a mind-meld with some people in North Korea,” Scarborough said.

I’m all for reviewing these broadcaster licenses...  I wish they’d take them away…and level the playing field with those of us who actually work.

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