EPIDEMIC ALERT: “TDS” aka Trump Derangement Syndrome (PSA from Intellectual Froglegs)

Fox News staff

It’s been seen before on much smaller scales. The first known incident appeared about a decade ago— Bush Derangement Syndrome. Then we had the 2008 Palin Derangement Incident.

Today we have the Super-Virus: Trump Derangement Syndrome… or TDS as known by professionals.

The first case of TDS was spotted in the Fox News green-room back in July…  it has since spread throughout the media and may now also be found in small sectors of our society….especially on social media.

The consistent theme.. Donald is evil, and his supporters are stupid.

Call for Americans to fast for a politrician

When you see it… know what it is, and behave accordingly. Realize you are dealing with people who actually trust politicians with SuperPacs to fix the problems created by politicians with Super Pacs.

JUST A HANDFUL OF EXAMPLES: Glenn Beck has become Jim Jones, FoxNews is becoming the Republican version of MSNBC… and formerly-respected National Review, led by Rich “TRUMP IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE!” Lowry, may be the first publication in history to have all associate writers simultaneously committed to a mental hospital.

Even the Fox News Religion writer Todd Starnes…a guy I thought was immune to TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) found it necessary to insult evangelicals.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 11.35.04 AM

With all due respect to Mr. Starnes and speaking as an “evangelical” myself,  I’m pretty sure it doesn’t mean “Goldman Sachs.”

CNN’s Amy Goodman says Donald Trump ‘bullies the most defenseless,powerless people’ — really?  Like the Bushes, Clintons, The Pope, FoxNews, the Saudi Prince?

Recommended Treatment: Don’t let them make you angry— they THRIVE on arguing…more specifically  insulting—-as you will likely see any moment in the comment section below. Wish them well, and move on.  If they persist in their nastiness…as many do, then engage the block, delete or mute options as you see fit. 

In the end… we cannot allow Hillary Clinton to become President of the United States.  This is not even arguable. I recall saying I could not vote for McCain and Romney—but I did.  Because at the time, it was the right thing to do.

Pray more, worry less… Amen
~Matthew 6:34

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