Trump Supporters Anonymous – IFL 08 08.30.15

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Under normal conditions, my best ideological match for president…hands down is Ted Cruz—but these are not normal times. And the more I watch events unfold, the more I am convinced that Donald Trump is the only candidate with the clout, the resources and the media savvy to stand up against the MASSIVE DC Political machine..and their accomplices in the media.

With all due respect to the heroic Ted Cruz—he just hit the DC GOP with his best shot— calling out the liars on the Senate floor—and they didn’t even flinch. The media ignored him—and the DC GOP ignored him.

Anyone that has both the left AND right running scared, in my book is doing something right.

CM7vcmZWgAEsgeVAs Trump is not shy to point out—he is a very smart guy, a financial genius with unparalleled media skills. He is the first person I’ve seen in years—espousing a conservative platform that is successfully taking it to the media—rather than the other way around.

The popular notion that ‘Trump is lying’ is based entirely on speculation and hearsay—there no history of him being a liar.  And as far as I can tell—despite his vast wealth and heavy media presence—there really are no scandals. To the contrary—his deadpan honesty is what is SO refreshing.

He embraces his success… “I am very VERY rich…I am worth many billions of dollars.”…while other extremely wealthy people hypocritically pretend to be just like us ‘common folk.’

Maybe Trump’s not a conservative, but his proposals absolutely are— Deport Illegals, reverse our crushing debt, build a wall, take care of the vets, strengthen our military—and stand up to China!

Look at his resume.  Trumps projects are spectacular, they are extremely well managed and maintained—they are the highest of quality and obviously very, VERY profitable.

Trump is a masterful businessman who hires the right people and demands accountability. Why should we not expect—er, DEMAND the same from our elected officials?

I ask you this: If you personally had a million or billion dollar project to contract out, would you hire Trump or Boehner to manage it for you?

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