If not us… who? (IFL 2014-3)

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If not us, who?Absolute Power. Our government is drunk on it.  Lawlessness is the norm…and our major broadcast news media could not possibly care less.

We have so many things to be outraged about—but we have got to stay focused on winning this year’s election.  In other words, focus on achieving the realistic—and not complaining about what we wish could be.  We are the only ones that can put a stop to this.  And we’d best remember and heed Reagan’s 80% rule.


Additionally, unless Jesus Christ is running—there are no perfect candidates. None.  So any candidate making a serious effort to derail this massive government machine is going to get my support… among them, Ted Cruz, Trey Gowdy, Mike Lee and Rand Paul.

Also, I see True the Vote as our antidote against ACORN. True the Vote Founder Catherine Englebrecht is a patriot warrior, who recently made news following her compelling testimony before congress.  She described the absolute onslaught of bullying that she and her family and her business have been forced to endure at the hands of our own United States federal government.  Support, donate and/or volunteer True the Vote by clicking here.

Actually we’re seeing positive activity on multiple fronts…which is a very good thing.  America is pissed.  Freedom Works and Rand Paul with over 350,000 plaintiffs have filed a lawsuit against the over-reaching NSA.   Support this endeavor by clicking here.

And last but certainly not least—on May 16, I hope to see everyone in DC for American Spring.

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