Announcement: Mr Gorman goes to Washington

Hey guys,

While the Left is busy morphing into a Monty Python skit… we’re busy actually being productive citizens—and we have a LOT going on.  Working on a new episode and getting ready for a Roadtrip!

Intellectual Froglegs is headed To Washington DC!

I am flattered beyond words to announce I’ve been invited to speak at The American Priority Conference in DC next month. It’s like CPAC for Deplorables…and you are invited. It is December 5-8, click here for more info.

Anyway, this is great exposure for our humble little production, but I don’t get paid… and it ain’t cheap—at least it ain’t cheap to me:
3 nights in the hosting DC Marriott, travel expenses—plus I need new duds, underwear and socks, so I don’t embarrass the family.

So I’m asking you to pray with me that I can secure the necessary financial blessings.

If you would like to help with a donation, that is awesome. You will be included in the credits of the next episode unless you prefer to remain anonymous (in which case email Ashley at

Thanks again. I love you guys.

God bless,

Joe Dan

And yes it’s true—I’ve never been to Washington DC and I’m extremely nervous.



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