Intellectual Froglegs warmly welcomed in DC

by Cari Kelemen

I spied him easily, sitting across the restaurant- and as soon as he spied me, he stood and held his arms up like an NFL referee signaling a touchdown. It was Joe Dan Gorman, someone I’ve known for 2 1/2 years but was meeting in person for the first time.

He had just driven from Nashville to Washington, DC for the Inaugural American Priority Conference, a meeting of America First-supporting patriots. It was his first trip to our Nation’s Capital to deliver his first ever speech. I say “speech” but what Joe Dan delivered, along with one of his signature Intellectual Frog Legs video samples, was more of a cross between a stand-up comedy routine, patriotic pep rally and meaningful commentary on conservative politics and Christian values. It was no surprise that Joe Dan was enthusiastically received!

And there was one more “first” in store for Joe Dan…

During the Winner Wonderland Christmas Gala Awards Ceremony, Joe Dan received the Humor Award for his excellent use of comedy to convey truth. I had the honor of presenting his award and in the process quoted a favorite seminary professor of mine, Howard G. Hendricks: (paraphrasing)

If you really want to get your point across to your audience, use humor, because when they open their mouths to laugh, the truth has a chance to trickle down their throats.

Congratulations, to my dear friend, Joe Dan Gorman, on an award well-deserved! And may we all follow his example of wit, winsomeness, and good-cheer when engaging our fellow citizens.


Texas’ own Cari Kelemen is an elite member of the Frogleg team.  From brainstorming and research to promo productions.

Two old friends meet for the first time! Cari Kelemen & Joe Dan Gorman at The American Priority Conference, Washington DC, Dec 2018








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