What’s happened to Breitbart News?

For years, leading up to and through the 2016 election, Breitbart was the epitome of rebel journalismthe anti-liberal news source.   I was a fan.

Now while they still have tidbits of the Breitbart of old— every day, story after story featured on Breitbart’s front page is based entirely on unnamed sources from our notoriously liberal & corrupt media…  the very news organizations they once claimed were the enemy.

Now they lazily repeat hit piece after hit piece…. and they regularly and childishly mock Trumps daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared by using the single moniker of “Javanka.”  Jest tell the story without the insults.

Here’s the perfect example which inspired this piece from just this morning.

Top of the page headline reads: Tillerson Called Trump a ‘Moron’ at July Pentagon Meeting.  But the very first words of the article read “NBC News cites three unnamed “officials familiar with the incident” 

Again, the most popular of the news sources… the unnamed source.

Maybe the story is true, who knows? But the sources referenced by Breitbart are not reliable.

Drudge Report also seems to have joined hands with many of the Media Trump-haters.

Unlike our counterparts on the left— we are not sycophants, nor do we like being lied to.  When there are reliably SOURCED negative articles… we absolutely want to see those.

Anyway, as regular Americans just looking for FACTUAL REPORTING— we’re watching and we’re not pleased.

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Joe Dan Gorman
Joe Dan Gorman is the creator, host & producer of Intellectual Froglegs. Unapologetic Christian. Nominated for VIDEO BLOGGER OF THE YEAR at CPAC 2013. Former Real Estate Investment Broker until real estate collapse in 2007. Began new career in 2011 - Intellectual Froglegs is like a one-man band... and Joe Dan is that one man. Put God first and everything else will fall into place.
  • Tazz2293

    I gave up on Breitbart and Drudge a while back.

    Drudge links many of their headlines to the NY Times and other forces of evil working to destroy this Great Nation.

    Bannon was a Cruz supporter before he jumped on the Trump train.

    Bannon is gonna find out he is a lot less important than he thinks he is.

    • ☪rooked Hitlery Merkel

      True, just look at Alabama.

      And only a flaming lib would attack conservative firebrands like Jared Kushner and Gary Cohn.

    • BB is still holding strong….

      Still tracking against the EGOP 100%

  • D B

    I agree with much of this assessment. But I do think that Breitbart is doing a good job of trying to keep Trump to his promises. And we need that. But, yes, I want well-sourced, factual news. I’m interested in the truth, whether it’s what I want to hear or not. Joe Dan Gorman, any recommendations for other sources of news that you think are doing a better job would be welcome.

    • TheseTruths

      “doing a good job of trying to keep Trump to his promises. And we need that.”
      I have to disagree. First, Bannon is pushing his own agenda, not working for Pres. Trump’s. And the idea that we need Bannon to keep Pres. Trump on track is coming from Bannon himself. It’s not true. Bannon is positioning himself as some kind of “conservative savior” who “saved” the Trump administration for us. The thought of that actually makes me sick.

    • aliswell

      This is my take on it, as well. Bannon didn’t change, Trump did. I desperately want Trump to succeed as President, but on the agenda he ran on, not on the agenda of the swamp creatures which he’s surrounded himself with. Bannon is trying in the only way left to him to keep Trump on course.

      However, this penchant for anonymous-sourced articles is maddening and leaves me feeling “herded” towards an opinion someone else wants me to have. It doesn’t work when the MSM activists pull that and it won’t work now.

  • rsanchez1

    Joe Dan you’re right to call them out. Rex Tillerson just this morning had to call them out for their lies. I think he only felt the need to do that because sites like Breitbart that are supposed to be on our side keep pushing this crap and Trump supporters start to believe them. People need to learn that fake news is the enemy.

  • Maiingankwe

    It feels good to see our cabinet members fight back against the msm, and in this case our TRex and NBC. This morning he told off the msm for their lies and their pettiness.

    Instead of hunkering down and continuing their jobs while continuing to get smacked left and right, they stand up and speak the truth and show they can do this and continue with MAGA.

    It reinforces my faith in our President and his cabinet members. It makes me proud to see them stand up not only for themselves but the man they are working for and the respect and admiration they have for him. There’s not much better than that to see as an American who believes we can Make America Great Again!

  • Maiingankwe

    I always had a good deal of admiration for Bannon, and especially appreciated the big poster he had created with all of the promises that were made to make our country great again displayed in his WH office. I saw it as something to keep him on track.

    Unfortunately, I am having great difficulty in understanding what Bannon has meant by his sworn promise to fight for our President outside of the WH. Most of the articles I see at Breitbart are articles attempting to tear our President apart with no real facts and supposed unnamed sources.

    Sure, there are a few positive articles in regards to our President, but the majority are negative. And let’s not not even get into the number of never trumpers continually bashing and smearing our President with outright lies. It’s like they savor each and every lie they pass on.

    Breitbart is nothing what our Andrew Breitbart had created and saw for its future. I know, I was there at the beginning.

    I think Breitbart has moved more towards making money and truth be damned.

    • jbtutor

      What you’re seeing is the result of being holier than the Pope. Ann Coulter has been doing it for years.

      • Thetford Norfolk ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

        I don’t see where it takes much of an effort to be holier than the Pope but I still agree with you 100%. 🙂

        • gingercake5

          Yes you’re right. The previous one was deposed so they could install the communist.

        • kureelpa

          My sentiments exactly, the Pope – that old Commie bastard.

      • monycali

        there is NoTHING Holy about the pope!

    • gingercake5

      They are completely run by J’s and Z’s (same thing really), and their interests come before America’s

    • Deplorable_Pam

      No, you honestly don’t see what Bannons doing? He’s showing you that Trumps NOT keeping to the agenda he was elected on. He’s ALLOWING his handlers to completely abandon everything he promised ALONG with the people who were loyal to him and helped put him in office.
      What you can’t see that?

      • keith howard

        Yes, I hear reports every day How Pres. Trump is giving in to this and that and the other. Most turn out to be blatantly false. Just like the recent going to re-certify Iran’s Deal. I think there is some ill will from Brietbart over the leaving of their once and again Employee.

    • Elizabeth Carter

      I agree. I really like this site
      Bannon was not a Trump supporter. I think he is just trying to take over the movement but he simply does not have what it takes.

      • Maiingankwe

        CTH will always be my favorite place for analyzing foreign policy and regular news.

      • mlimberg

        Bannon for President 2024…

    • dbobway

      It’s money, I would be surprised, outside of a paycheck, Bannon isn’t hanging around much.

      Bannon has become a Populist missionary for We the people.
      And God bless him for that.

  • TheseTruths

    Thank you for this article! I’ve been pointing this out for months. Something is wrong over there. And something is also wrong when someone says they are “going to war” for the President, but allow articles like that and push their own agenda, which often does not mesh with the President’s.

    Steve Bannon met with Henry Kissinger about China. One headline I see, from a search:”Bannon Lays Groundwork for Economic War in China.” What is Bannon doing? He is not in the administration anymore. I don’t trust him. I wish more conservatives would wake up.

  • Gadsden

    While I certainly am not pleased with every single thing that POTUS has done, BB has gone over the deep end. I think their main goal is to promote Steve Bannon’s ego. Ever since the inauguration, there have been unsourced hit pieces and snarky attacks on certain members of the administration interspersed with puff pieces on how “amazing” Bannon is. I have nothing against Bannon as I really don’t know much about the guy, but based off of what I have seen, he has his own agenda and is willing to smear people’s names and create absolute chaos on his quest to get it done. I think it’s worth remembering that Bannon was VERY late to get on the Trump train (August 2016). I’ve also noticed the commenters on BB have gotten more vicious and seem less educated than before.

    • jbtutor

      This Javanka thing is straight out of Mean Girls. And speaking from experience, the quality of the commenters is affected by attrition.

      • Gadsden

        It’s extremely petty and unprofessional. In my opinion it completely negates anything they have to say since they are willing to publish stuff like that. Worse than the daily beast.

  • Jim Caldwell

    I never frequented Breitbart on a daily basis but I have noticed quite an abundance of misleading headlines on Drudge which appear to be worded the way they are just to get a hit on the link, or in hopes folks will only read the headline and think that’s the news, when it turns out not to be if you read the article. Games are being played in every aspect of media and it’s sad.

    • gingercake5

      Those cleverly worded (and sometimes misleading) headlines are Drudge’s secret sauce. I used to think he was a Trump fan.

      • Thetford Norfolk ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

        Drudge did used to be a Trump fan when he thought that’s where the money was.

  • Sickofliberalsinamerica

    Breitbart is THE place to go for Lena Dunham news.

    Irritates me that they give her any publicity whatsoever.

    • Thetford Norfolk ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      What bugs me is that Bb doesn’t cover Miley Cyrus as much as they used to. Now I have to wonder what she’s upset about while her tongue is sticking out of her mouth.

      • Sickofliberalsinamerica


  • MikeyParks

    Some conservative sites use AP stories for their content. AP is strictly Left leaning and their articles reflect it – old, discredited stats; presenting global warming as settled science, etc. Fox News uses AP content and I’ve never understood why. If I wanted to go to HuffPo I would. (Full disclosure: sometimes I go slumming at HuffPo just to see what the idiots have to say.)

  • Tim Adams

    Joe Dan
    I sent you a copy of my comments on the finances behind much of our current “alternative” media, both right and left. Follow the money and you’ll figure out what happened to media like BB and others.

    • creeper

      Breitbart outed itself when it ran a paid story on the main news feed.

  • Tim Adams

    Just remember, unnamed source is journalist speak for pulled out of my ass

  • I still go to these sites, but with a new level of skepticism.

  • Great post, and sorely needed. I could not figure out what was wrong with Drudge and Breitbart, but you’ve nailed it. They are slipping, by letting the media pollute their feed upstream in ways that they don’t catch.

    Solution? Both Drudge and Breitbart need to appoint TITLE EDITORS – people who are VERY aware of media bias and how it can be stealthily narrative-mongered into the alternative media THROUGH entities like BB and Drudge, using subtle means. BB and Drudge – their game is slipping. BANNON – you can fix this! Fight back at the title level!

  • Gadsden

    I find it telling that most commenters on BB these days are Bannon fan boys and hate Trump. For some reason they think Bannon is their savior.

  • Abby Normal

    I’ve noticed the same about Drudge. Hasn’t had a real scoop in a long time (have they stopped trying?), and they seem to take their sweet time posting the latest events.

  • AnnS

    More everyday, I have been going to the alternative websites like this one for real news: first badblue for the ones I like even though they do have other anti-Trumpers like hotair, rightscoop-sooper mexican, to name a few at least I can pick and choose. I found this one on there also. the best:

    for immigration status: Refugeeresettlementwatch-Ann Cochran
    barenaked islam
    The Rebel

    I do like the OTT pics at the Daily Mail (LOL) but if you look at the comments they are almost 90% Trump supporters.

    Having said that there just seems to be something terrible wrong going on with our President. His compromise on illegal aliens is very disturbing for instance after saying we would not accept the Australians refugees after Pence’s visit there we agreed to bring them here, and Afghanistan…. i really do not trust many of his appointees, they do seem a bit undermining (if we can believe much of anything from anyone anymore)

    Andrew (tears) RIP

  • Kelly Moncus

    I’m with you Joe Dan, why serve up a bowl of Crap if we won’t eat it. It’s just makes me want to turn the page or in this case swipe the site left!

  • Leonard Pailet

    I enjoy dropping in and watching. Keep up the good work. My take: I keep in mind Dr. Strangelove and the immortal phrase “Purity of Essence”. People who think they know the purity of essence willingly sacrifice anyone and anything to pursue their purity, from Never Trumpers to jihadists.

    I am afraid that Bannon has begun to dip into that stream. And he should know better. By his attacks on Trump’s associates whom he does not trust, he is actually giving ammunition to Trump’s enemies when he attacks them, probably because of a personal grudge against what he sees as their impurity. He could have supported Moore without some of the attacks his Breitbart made on Trump by innuendo.

    He has forgotten that people have to do things and say things sometimes that they’d rather not do, since if they do or say them, they lose the few safeguards they might have until they gain enough strength to act against those who are trying to subvert them (Trump vs the bipartisan establishment).

    I learned a long time ago that when you are surrounded by people who will do anything to ruin you, you pick and choose the battles you will fight in public and you give aid in private to those you support if your public support will give people a way to ruin you. It’s not the money; it’s the entrenched bureaucracy of corruption that will do you in and you have to be careful that it cannot entrap you. You live to fight another day.

  • Mitch Rapp

    I see Drudge as more of a news aggregate, and as that type of entity, they post links to stories from everywhere, almost. I have no respect for the NYTs, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t know what they are spewing. Being a real patriot right now includes reading a bunch of garbage. BB has always had more of their own articles as well as others. Now it’s mostly others. The comment sections are a real look at America today. There are always going to be trolls, but the avid readers have some really great things to say.

  • Dazeez5555

    Absolutely agree with you. The commenters on BB are some of worst. They are either fake Trump supporter accounts or Cruz holdouts. I gave up trying to figure which. They seem to have zero ability of discernment.

  • Auric

    IMHO Bannon appears to believe napalm journalism will push Trump along the path he campaigned on. Bannon is a junkyard dog who views himself as the “anti-anti resistance”. While I admire him on a number of levels, I think it’s a mistake to manipulate readers to your pre-determined conclusion with journalistic IED’s. In my mind that mentality is not unlike the leftists out there- we are dumb an need a good poke in the butt with a stick to praddle along in in “our betters” way.

    Just the facts, Steve- no taint. We have good brains and good common sense. That’s why we are Conservatives.

    PS I for one do NOT trust Jared. I think he’s a self serving twerp with delusions of adequacy. Ivanka is following her husband’s leadership. I do not believe she runs an agenda in the background. I honestly feel bad for her.

  • Elizabeth Carter

    I totally agree that https://theconservativetreehouse.com/ is great. I check BB and Drudge sometimes just to see what they are saying but I have lost confidence in them. BB seems to be against President Trump and they are on the wrong side as far as I am concerned.

  • BT

    It’s been months since I clicked on Drudge. Much longer since I’ve visited Breitbart – it was long before November 8, 2016! I couldn’t stand the negativity toward MY candidate. And, MY candidate won!!! [Of course, I knew he would… That picture of the woman with the red hair that Sundance puts up – especially with his “cold anger” posts – before Easter, maybe around Lent of 2016 – for those who wish to see, there is a Cross in the woman’s red hair – and that’s when I knew He had us covered. That He had this one, and that He was going to help us help Donald J. Trump become our 45th President! That, He did!!]

  • onsu

    Bannon thinks he was elected president. There have been articles on BB where they stated it was Bannon’s policies that got Trump elected. Bannon was a Cruz supporter until Cruz finally dropped out, Trump’s policies were established by Trump, not Bannon.

    Bannon was fired from the white house, as was his lacky Gorka. They both continue to tout their own importance. BB is now on a “war” against Trump because Bannon was fired and the Cruz fans are happy to jump on board.

    What stands out to me is that since Bannon was removed there have been no more leaks coming from the White House. Kelly Ann was the third member of their “group.” I was thinking she might continue the leaks but it appears she has not obeyed Bannon. Just yesterday BB did a story on how Kelly Ann has “gone soft” on Trump’s agenda, a “hit piece” against her.

    Hannity has jumped on board with Bannon. When Newt tried to make the argument that what Bannon was doing was not helping Trump Hannity interrupted him constantly and would not let him make his point. Newt challenged Hannity to have both Bannon and him on Hannity’s show to debate and Hannity replied “I’ll call him as soon as we are done.” That is something I am anxious to see, doubt it will happen though.