Where in the hell are the churches?

I don’t write about this topic lightly, and as you’ll see by the dates—I’ve allowed several months and multiple opportunities to pass.  I have no desire to ‘broad-brush’ an entire church based on the behavior of one or two representatives and NO WAY will I lie about a church, but as it turns out, my ‘now former church’ is a poster child for ‘religious political correctness’ crossing paths with ‘uncompromising reality.’  So as a result, I am now forced to use a much ‘looser definition’ of the word ‘church’… but this in no way diminishes my love for God.  ~JDG

I began attending Heartland Community Church in 2008 while it was still a small neighborhood church that often required parking in the street, but that of course, was before they moved into their new mega-complex (pictured below).  The people were cool.  The music was cool…and Pastor Deeble gave some very inspiring and thought-provoking sermons. For the first time in my life,  I actually felt I connected with a church — and I was diggin’ it.  Not to mention, they serve assorted flavors of premium-blend coffees for your sipping enjoyment during the sermon.

Heartland Community Church, Kansas City – Pastor Dan Deeble

Last August, I was all set to be baptized when everything changed.  I had a ‘Spiritual Advisor/Sponsor’ and we talked about a ton of stuff.  I was asked to share things that were the most personal…and I did.  A few ‘man tears’ were even shed.  Everything was rockin along until my questions turned to why the church never mentions anything about our children being robbed of the religious freedoms that you and I took for granted… just 25 years ago?

Little did I know I had just entered the Forbidden Zone— I was now in the AREA 51 of Religious Political Correctness.

Fast forward eight months to now, and I am still uncertain if it was just ‘the mere mention of Caesar’ OR the fact that I suggested that ‘Caesar may not have our best interest at heart’ — but regardless, I’ve been ridiculed, insulted and/or ignored by multiple Heartland reps since I brought it up.  My request to be baptized was NEVER again even acknowledged by Heartland… although I was encouraged to ‘try another church’.

“Heather can have two mommies—but Johnny can’t have a bible?”  

How in the hell can a church remain a ‘silent dis-interested third party’ when our own children are being subjected to NOT just a ‘God Neutral’ system, but to a Militant Anti-God Agenda?  Christmas is already banned … but they’re allowed to say FU*K”?  OR how about how our symbols–our crosses & The Ten Commandments– being ripped down… Or that it’s become a CRIME to pray on public property?

OH…and as of this writing, now Caesar is trying to force Catholic Hospitals to provide services against their teaching?  Are you kidding me?  Even, if, like me, you’re not Catholic —this should scare the hell out of Christians of all denominations… from all parts of our country.

This hostility from the Federal Government was ‘completely unheard of’ 25 years ago.—-How is this none of our business?

What’s changed over the past 25 years?  Man or God?

Sadly, Heartland cannot be singled out.  More and  more churches won’t even discuss the topic—even in private.  LifePointe Church also in Kansas City is another—very nice people, but don’t question Caesar.

Some have suggested—and I believe reasonably so— that most of these ‘silent churches’ hold on tighter to their 503 (c) tax exemption status that they hold to their bible.  This does not ‘excuse’ their acquiescence to ‘anti-God’ forces— it spotlights it.

How are ‘churches that refuse to speak of Caesar for fear of losing their ‘tax status’ different from ‘the money-changers’ in Matthew 21:12?  [Which also demonstrates that Jesus was no pacifist either.]

Please add your church to the comment section below… while it is profoundly important to smoke out the ‘fake churches’…  it’s even MORE important to recognize the churches that actually stand up for Christianity, stay true to God’s word and are not paralyzed by political correctness.

Contrary to popular belief—there is no “Freedom of Speech” exclusion for Christians.

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  This is not a debate about the separation of church and state, but we will get to that soon.  So, you folks yelling about “Thomas Jefferson’s Letter to The Danbury Baptists”— simmer down.  Actually you may want to read TJ’s letter in it’s entirety (as opposed to just your one favorite phrase) — so you will be better prepared when I dissect your absurd anti-God arguments like a biology class frog.  We will also look closely at ‘the deciding vote of the 1947 Supreme Court Case cast by KKK member Hugo Black”…  But make no mistake, no matter how hard some may try to hide, erase and manipulate our Christian Heritage–although it can be hidden, History does not lie. The United States absolutely WAS founded on Judeo-Christian values… and unlike you loudmouth unholy jackasses, we have documented historical data to support our claims.

In closing, contrary to popular notions–Christians are STILL the majority in America, so I’d like to encourage you guys to ask your own churchDON’T BE AGGRESSIVE OR ARGUMENTATIVE— be respectful.  This is not a game or a contest, and kindness may actually even make them re-consider with a new perspective.  But neither should you allow them to change the subject… which is a very popular response.

I’m not a perfect man, and I don’t claim to be—but neither is any other man…and this is precisely why we need God, and it is precisely why we need our churches to practice honesty… not just preach about it.

If our churches ARE in support of Caesar’s hostility–according to our own teachings, it’s the church’s duty to be honest with us.   If the church is against this government hostility, it’s their duty to be honest about that as well…  but there is no way on God’s green earth that the church would not have an opinion regarding “attacks ON the church.”  No Way.

God bless you guys, and God bless America—it’s time to stand up. 

Joe Dan Gorman, JoeDanMedia.com


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