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18718_lgEver since I voted for Ronald Reagan when I was 19 – I’ve always considered myself to be a conservative.  But I guess…. much like how “Liberal” at one time meant ‘freedom’—it appears the term conservative is undergoing it’s own transformation.

Jeb Bush says he’s conservative… so does Mitt Romney and John McCain, as does Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. The media calls them conservative too.  But the thing is this—I have nothing in common with these people. And quite frankly, this new conservatism ain’t for me.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 2.29.29 PM Since when do conservatives place more value on ‘promises’ from the inexperienced lawyers & professional politicians— over decades of achievement across multiple industries by a world-class businessman?

With a real economic collapse over the horizon—-unsustainable by the most optimistic of estimates….only one candidate discusses and demonstrates a firm understanding of the banking industry, currency devaluation, corporate inversions, and the repatriation of Trillions of American dollars that are currently hogtied overseas in AMERICAN political red tape.

But rather than focus on the financial —-we have a ridiculous debate system that encourages junior senators to argue over senate bills that did not pass, but somehow make them a hero.

dream_teamTrumps’s plans to bring in America’s best negotiators (aka the killers) to renegotiate our deals with China, Japan, Mexico et al—is reminiscent of 1992 Dream Team. Tired of losing, we sent NBA players to Olympics. Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, etc.

None of the other candidates are discussing the complexities we face in righting our economic ship… and it’s because they haven’t a clue.   In DC, they don’t need balanced budgets, there’s no urgency—-and they can work when it suits them….they get paid anyway.

Today’s NEW CONSERVATIVE demand more experience from their auto-mechanics… than they do their candidates for President of the United States.

I am not for one minute suggesting Donald Trump is a conservative….never have, never will—- but neither is he a liberal—-in fact, Trump is not an ideologue at all, Trump is a Pragmatist…a problem solver, and the best option for our collapsing nation.

MYTH DEBUNKING: Trump is NOT promoting government run or single-payor healthcare

I don’t believe a man’s first executive job should be to serve as President of the United States.  Executive jobs, even in smaller companies can be overwhelming to a rookie.



Since when do conservatives use children as props in political ads? Did we not condemn it when the Democrats did the same?

And since when is it conservative to make excuses for cheating? And turn a blind eye to lying? “It was just innocent cheating—everybody does it”

Since when is it conservative to claim objectivity, while rigging a conservative rating system (Conservative Review website) —I’m still waiting to hear how someone with an absentee rate of 25% can earn a ‘near perfect score’ of 97%.  It’s not mathematically possible without some serious number fudging.

Since when is it conservative to attack a pro-Israel website as I-stand-with-Israelantisemitic. My friends and I love and respect the people of Israel.

Since when is it conservative to destroy people like liberals. Trying to defeat an opponent is one thing—but a malicious character assassination is entirely another.

Using video clips ‘out of context’ from 20 years ago.  Such dirty, dirty tricks.

national_review_against_trumpI challenge you to point to a single professional politician that has EVER faced the full weight of our media apparatus in the same manner that’s coming down on Trump—the left media, the right media, the print media, the social media, the RNC, the DNC, George Soros.  Before Trump, it was Palin that took the harshest media flogging….but with all due respect to the governor, Trump has now passed her.   Even Sarah didn’t have a national magazine devote entire issues to her demise.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 6.31.49 PMstacked debate audience in South Carolina began booing Trump before he he could finish a sentence…. Almost comically, Jeb Bush was not boo’d once.  Trump look like The Man Alone against an Establishment that the voters freakin’ hate.

Talking heads say Trump Supporters not conservative. Good. Take your label and stick it where the sun don’t shine.   Apparently aside from preferring inexperienced politicians…..new conservatism means only showing up for the job you are being paid for– unless you have something better to do.

I don’t agree with everything Trump says nor the way he says it… but I agree with the important stuff.   And when the game is on the line—I don’t want a rookie as head coach.

The haters ironicaly  scream “Trump’s not conservative enough!!!” Yet our recent nominations were McCain and Romney.  But I think John Nolte of Breitbart put it best in this tweet:

Don’t tell us, show us—- what exactly have you done that qualifies you to save this country?


Hands down, next to the economy— and one of the focal points of the video—-there is no more important issue than illegal immigration— and getting control of our border. Americans have wanted to build a wall for decades—which is no less important as a lockable front door on your house.

But when you tried to pin down one of these politicians, whether it’s Cruz or Rubio….or even currently serving Republicans like Paul Ryan—- They all insist they are against amnesty—  but that’s about all the specifics you’re gonna get.    They all have varying definitions of the word.  And that’s where it gets intentionally blurry—- Each definition of amnesty seems to have some sort of consequences— but who knows that they are?  Maybe “No Dessert”?

The American people want illegals deported.  Period.  No clauses, exceptions, no sob stories….  And only Donald trump has the guts (or lack of donors) to say just that.

How about we get back to comparing resumes?


And because there is so much negative stuff about the Evil Trump, I thought I would leave you with this….a few of the Donald’s good deeds that have been largely swept under the rug.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 9.30.21 AM

About the Author

Joe Dan Gorman
Joe Dan Gorman is the creator, host & producer of Intellectual Froglegs. Unapologetic Christian. Nominated for VIDEO BLOGGER OF THE YEAR at CPAC 2013. Former Real Estate Investment Broker until real estate collapse in 2007. Began new career in 2011 - Intellectual Froglegs is like a one-man band... and Joe Dan is that one man. Put God first and everything else will fall into place.
  • Shawn

    As always, right on target! Message to media: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPrtFxd9u9Y Trump talks, and Americans raise the one finger salute. Thank You Joe Dan and crew for another wonderful, witty, entertaining episode.

  • Mudbug

    Joe Dan, please assure me you’re not a “truther”. If you’re not, and I am sincere, please help me understand how Trump supporters can ignore him calling George W a “liar”, implicating the Bush admin on 9/11, all of which garnered the support of Code Pink, man! Please, are millions of us simply holding our nose when Donald goes nutbag on us, or is there something I am missing?

    • Joe Dan Gorman

      AS I have written and stated—–I don’t agree with everything Trump says nor the way he says it… but I agree with the important stuff. And when the stakes are so high—I don’t want a rookie serving as executive..

      I’m looking a resumes—a work history. Period. Promises from lawyers and politicians, we’ve heard every election..

      • Mudbug

        I respect the great work you do. I’m simply throwing out there that ANY American that espouses that George W. lied, followed by implying he was complicit in 9/11, forces me to turn my back. That’s just how I’m wired, Joe Dan. Please, just think about these assertions of Trump’s. This is “important stuff” for a CIC.

        • He did at the very least say that W misled the American people in which I agree. W has been tied to the House of Saud for decades and in the aftermath of 9/11 and the grounding of all flights this family across the nation were allowed to fly out the following morning unabated. Call it what you will but I prefer to call a Spade a Spade !

    • Andrew Vergara

      The United States is on the precipice of economic collapse,our borders are wide open and your worried about Trump calling George Bush a liar,No wonder America is in the mess were in today with voters like you.

  • Excellent show Joe Dan,
    The labels the media and politicians attach are worthless. Liberals are now progressives who are actually marxists and communists in disguise but can’t seem to utter the words. Conservative is also becoming meaningless since everyone on our side (sort of) uses the label yet doesn’t walk the walk, especially after on election. Rubio is such a turncoat.

    I think the proper label for true conservatives is “constitutionalist” whereas our Constitution has all the solutions to our nation’s ills if only the Constitution was adhered to by our elected and appointed officials. The very same Constitution that all these asshats swear an oath to, but ignore immediately afterwards. Let’s face it, 99% of our laws wouldn’t pass constitutional muster and are written by lobbyists and special interest yet our electeds vote on them. These unconstitutional laws remain on the books until such time a legal challenge is made (assuming the courts hear the case). Then and only then, if successful the law is struck down or amended. By that time the damage is done and pockets are filled. Next case.

    Trump looks to upset that feeding trough process which is why the establishment on both sides is crapping razorblades at the prospect of his presidency.

    Trump’s attack on GWB regarding 9-1-1 caused me great concern initially but it may very well have been a clever tactic to attract the Bush hating Dims and Independents.

    Keep up the good work Joe.

    Your show was reposted at: http://hardnoxandfriends.com/2016/02/17/intellectual-froglegs-words-over-deeds-why-americans-detest-politicians/

    • Ed1C

      Unfortunately, the term conservative has been co-opted by dems & RINOS purely to lie to us. I’m a conservative, period. I had a local guy running for office about 4 years ago knock on the door and claim he was a conservative. I asked him what I would find if I checked his voting record; he instantly disappeared without saying another word. These folks all saw this coming a number of years ago, and are simply liars trying to find a job. The constitution is largely ignored by a surprising number of our elected officials, on both sides. We do indeed need to get back to to that manner of doing things otherwise we’re no longer really America.

  • Rick

    Honestly I was all aboard the Trump train until it became clear that he is more libtard than conservative. He may want to make America great again but I question just what that means to him since he acts more like a libtard. He lies and spins the truth just as well as any career politician. Unfortunately he is a great Snake Oil Salesman with a new fancy wagon never seen before parked at the edge of town drawing big crowds of curiosity seekers and lost soles looking for salvation and answers to their prayers and problems. When the herd starts to move it is very easy to go along with it, but the people who know the difference between being in “lust” and being in “love” understand that he just another Snake Oil Salesman and break away from the herd and look to themselves and their faith for salvation.

    • Ed1C

      I like Cruz but I don’t think he’s electable, unfortunately. I think Trump is the only one that can even remotelf defeat Clinton, or God forbid that idiot socialist Sanders. he is the real threat. Sanders will fully double the national debt to $ 39 trillion dollars, as he stated several weeks ago. I would strongly prefer Hillary over Sanders.

  • L. Menyhert

    Love your program even if you are misguided about Trump. If Trump is elected in 2018 you really won’t like it when I remind you that you bought into Trump’s line of snake oil.

    Cruz is the only true conservative. Cruz playing games with amnesty? You mean like Trump saying he will deport all those evil Mexicans and then invite them back in? Yeah right.

    • Bubbles McGhee

      Just remember, pal, tracers work BOTH ways.

    • Jesse

      Where did Trump say he will deport ‘all those evil Mexicans’ and then invite them back in? He said he would deport illegal immigrants. Are you putting words into someone else’s mouth like Hillary does?

  • heymo

    as you have brilliantly stated, we do not agree with Trump on everything, however we can elect neither republican nor democrat, this election. “Liberal”, “conservative, likewise have no meaning when referring to establishment candidates.
    In 2012, we took the house. In 2014, we took the senate. Still nothing changed. Americans are demanding a president that will keep us safe, from enemies – of all type. Change via the ballot box is our only peaceful option.
    Excellent episode.

  • Rick Ramo

    What is that bumper muzak at 17:44? I know that tune, it is out on the tip of my tongue. Good god I hate it when that happens. I recognized Santo and johnnie sleepwalk quick enough. I just cannot call the name of that one up(17:44).

  • I can relate to your concerns, however the vision of speakers like Polosie‘s taken in context maybe that when you address the social ecology of helping the hungry to work. And not to commit a crime where the cost may be much greater, than the need to address the issues now that they are manageable. If you find this rationalization hard to except, look with in yourself, and God given powers to see beyond your limited existence. We are now in a different century where we as Americans offer the world intellect and integrity which is the base of improving the quality of life, since we are no longer the industrial captains that makes autos and steel, and all the other things that has made life better for you and your children.
    Now I do agree with you that we need less dummies and idiots, and she backed down when impeaching the dumb ass Bush, that bankrupted us and devaluated the dollar with is relevant to today’s economic concerns. And next time you here another politico say “We need to bring back the overseas jobs”, it’s a clue that they don’t know what their talking about, since labor cost are less there and that’s the truth.
    What we have as Americans is intellectual capitol to make a better world, since we’re in a global society. The one ingredient to your concerns that you may have left out is the human capitol, which is the variable with Obama’s stimulus plan was the winning formula, instead of the dome and gloom of the“ what if ” , O’Rielys, and entertainers that maybe unable to understand the new reality.
    We are the best of the best, and that statement, “We are going to be great again”, is the same distortions and misrepresentations, that got those young heroes killed in Iraq.
    Your abilities to understand the need for real change and not invasions based on lies is were the concerns should be. If you remember that none binding resolution to get Bush impeached and bring back the heroes, and all that did their duty, even thought they knew in their hearts that it was an invasion based on a lie.
    The point is, like Ronald Regan was the worse president, because he tried to dismantle SBA, Small Business Administration as entitlement program like welfare, cost a lot of damage to business, and jobs. So he is now the second worse next to George Bush. If you don’t believe me, just ask Charles Heatherly past Adminstrator for SBA.

    • Jesse

      LOL So much to question. Will start with why are you using capitol instead of capital? Does the lady who passes bills to find out what’s in them do that, too?

  • Outlaw55
  • Eddie Peuker

    You want a impressive Resumehttp://www.youngcons.com/ted-cruzs-resume-is-very-impressive-should-make-him-standout-amongst-other-candidates/

  • DrPRetorius

    Joe Dan, I notice that practically every post here is anti-Trump for one reason or another. At this point in time, put me down as agreeing with YOU 100%. Trump has it right on all of the most important things. I don’t agree with everything that Trump has done or said, in the long distant past or recent past. I hear a lot about his “tone”, but at least I can believe what he says and that he will do what he says. Jesus Christ will not be on the ballot. Every day brings some new abomination brought upon us by the Marxocrat and RINO Republican GOPe shills and crooks. We have already witnessed the collapse of the Republic. The last 8 years has seen the end of the rule of law. The Constitution is treated like used toilet paper by all branches of our corrupt government. There is no denying that we suffer under a tyrannical dictatorship right now. There is only one candidate that has shown any ability and inclination to struggle with this mess on our behalf. There is no other alternative. TRUMP 2016!

  • Eddie Peuker

    Okay Joe Dan, I gave this a try. I am beginning to understand where you stand. I believe you are so much invested in trump and your rage which he fuels,you have ignored a true champion, Ted Cruz. Your opening written statement is telling. Your focus on the financial health of our country and world may blind you to the dangers our foundation, The Constitution of the United States faces. There is no question that Cruz is in rarefied space on the Constitution. Additionally, Cruz has a plan to deal with the financial health of our country that cuts to the root of the issues, oppressive Government. Why do you not know this? I suspect you are spending too much energy and time trumping for t rump’s sake. So you have little chance to know Cruz. It is obvious the msm is not delivering Cruz info. And that is why your claim that only your boy t rump is being attacked by the msm rings so hollow. I contend that neither the msm nor the dems have even started in on t Rump. If and when they do… will he sue them? In the words of Bugs Bunny “What a moroon”. Here is an executive resume for you. http://www.youngcons.com/ted-cruzs-resume-is-very-impressive-should-make-him-standout-amongst-other-candidates/
    One thing this episode did do for me is give me a glimpse of the otherwise unseen t rump event for the Vets. Thanks but “I would note” Cruz has Medal of Honor winners endorsing him because he is the right choice for Commander in Chief. I have to agree with your point that we get the media out of debates. CRUZ wants to go against t Rump Man to man. I suspect t Rump would be reduced to liar, liar, pants on fire. Honestly, when you said “reason after reason why t rump is most qualified” I recoiled. Heck, I probably looked like Hillary. So I ask, what are they and how do you think those reasons tower over Cruz the consistant Constitutional conservative? Joe Dan, hate to say it but your selective footage is lies. Cruz really says if you are illegally here you will be deported. But unlike t rump, Cruz fully understands what his words mean. So tell us Joe Dan how is t Rump is going to deport a US Citizen? It is not going to happen. For the record,Ted’s comments are long on specifics… you manipulated them so you missed the specifics you crave. I almost quit viewing at the 20 minute spot. However, I continued and I am again convinced you are not thinking right with your t Rump support. I again encourage you to seek your heart through reflection for I fear your rage is being feed by the t rump devil. Lastly your use of comic thought bubbles to insert your take is a reach unbecoming to your talent. I look forward to your Cruz enlightenment. Nice touch to hear Mr. Cash close this episode with this truth.

    • Cruz can’t meet the NBC status and in fact his mother filed his paperwork beyond the dates specified for naturalized. The democrats are going to file suit if he’s the nominee or if he is on a ticket as a VP, you Cruzers have become incessant.

      • Eddie Peuker

        Kelly, birthers exist in an area of ignorance. The ignorant masses will do what they may do however, the threat of doing does not make the effort valid. This birther nonsense is nothing but a political play for folks with easy access.

        • Andrew Vergara

          Ted Cruz can end this birther argument right now by showing his CRBA from the U.S. Embassy in Canada,his Mothers birth certificate is not proof,my baby was born overseas and we had to go to the American Embassy and obtain a CRBA so that she could be a US Citizen,so where is Ted Cruz CRBA.

  • DrPretorius

    This site, like so many others, has been usurped by Cruzers. Wake up, fer crissakes, all you demented and deranged Cruzers. The guy will never be the candidate. Never! Ever! I was a Cruz advocate myself early last year, but I could see that Trump was a much better bet after he entered the race. He’s shown his competence and skill since then. Trump has lit the place on fire in a way that I don’t believe we’ve ever seen before in modern American politics. Cruzers have to be terminally and fatally stupid to continue on at this point with their vain hope of a Cruz presidency. I originally thought a Trump/Cruz ticket would be a sure winner, but after seeing the way that Cruz and his Cruzers have handled themselves I now think Trump should find a better running mate. We don’t need another Reagan/Bush situation, where Bush destroyed in four years what Reagan accomplished in eight years. Cruz just doesn’t deserve it anymore.

  • Howard

    I’m voting for Trump. Can’t wait to see what happens when we throw a wolf into the chicken coop that is Washington DC.

    • Eddie Peuker

      I am confident that inside your wolf’s clothing there is a hidden rino at best or a deal making democrat at worst.

  • Owen

    Hi Joe Dan,

    Love your videos, and I have to credit one of your earlier ones for turning me onto the Flying Lizards version of “Money”

    What is up with Moonbattery? It used to be one of my favorite sites, and that’s actually how I discovered your videos, but I just browsed it for the first time in a few weeks and it’s like every single post is a diatribe against Trump.

    I think a lot of people are unable to see the forest for the trees. Republican policy wonks aren’t going to right this ship. Trump has struck a chord with people because he has the nerve to identify problems. More than anything we need someone willing to call out the elephant in the room. We can bicker over esoteric policy points later, once someone like Trump has done the groundwork of getting those issues into the public consciousness. It disappoints me that sites like Moonbattery don’t understand.

  • Dave

    Joe Dan, I have been following you for a long time, but I’m getting off the train. You talk about “resumes not words” and then totally disregard the Liberal resume of your Trump and tell us about what he’s been SAYING since (and ONLY since) he announced his candidacy. He’s selling what he doesn’t have. Why should anyone believe that he will stand for what he says he believes today when he believed the opposite last year?

  • Joe Don,
    For what it’s worth I have been sharing your Very Professional productions with friends and family and have even forwarded your last installment to Maje Rushdie.
    I’ll be listening to see if it makes a mention but during this election cycle I’m going to dog the the Shiite out of him till I get you a Kudo’s !
    A Fan,
    Keep up the good work.

  • Czar of Defenestration

    This is one of your BEST!
    If you haven’t already, please consider using parts of this clip
    (“Dignity, always dignity!”)
    in a future segment…it reminds me SO MUCH of politics!

  • Ken Jones

    Love your videos Joe Dan! Like you, I was a Cruz supporter early on but I also have come to the conclusion that Cruz is no Ronald Reagan. You go back and read some of the criticism of Reagan by the republicans before he was elected and you’d swear they were referring to Trump!

  • Dave

    If The Donald were vetted the way we all wish Obozo had been vetted, I don’t think we’d even be having the conversation about him being a conservative, or even a Republican. Catch this explanation of why Dana Loesch didn’t jump on the band wagon.

  • KellyT – CO, USA

    Thank you. Great blog… Comes very close to what I’ve been feeling over the years.

    RE: Trump.. I don’t agree with everything either.. Everything outside of immigration takes a second seat in my mind. Chairs on the Titanic kind of thing..

  • David Sayre

    I heard for myself, with my own big ears. Tromp refuses to not support Planned Parenthood. He says he’ll undo Obamacare, the out of the other side of his mouth, he talks about taking care of everyone and the govm’t will pay.

    In South Carolina he attacked George W. arguments disproved for his personal political gain… not with Republican, but to get more Democrats to vote for him in the open election… he panders to the left.

    He says he’ll support the second amendment, but it matters not if he put a liberal on the court, our rights will be one by one taken away by Democrats who use the court with great ability.

    When he announced, I was for him. He did go counter to the liberal pc narrative. But what he is saying now, has little to do with what he was saying then. A story in American Thinker detailed how Trumps promises are turning to be more inline with Democrats than conservatives, called “Turning Against Trump.”

    Lastly, how he could go against the pc machine in ways others could not is easy… he is self funded. Any other the others would have been taken down by the pc donors. Donors is not a bad term. I’m a donor. Every person how send money to Froglegs is a donor. This issue is not that Trump is immune from big money donors, he thinks he can buy the presidency. If being successful in business is a qualification for president… then George Sores and Warren Buffet are more qualified than Trump. I fear for this nation is we elect a right wing version of Obama to the White House. One only has to count the number of times he uses “I” in his speeches compared to anyone else running, save Obama and Hillary.

    I’ve been spending years looking for someone like Reagan. I too, though it was Trump, but he has changed. No person is perfect. I could never have voted for Bush or Rubio. Our salvation does not reside in any person walking the earth today. But we should use our God given common sense and not be afraid to admit when someone isn’t adding up to what he first billed himself as. Your ego is not your amigo.

  • Sally

    Where, where did you get that clip of Rubio dancing? It should be posted EVERYWHERE. I can’t find it anywhere but here.

  • JT

    Sorry Joe Dan, you’ve lost me. The last several episodes have been Trump fan-boy rantings and I just can’t continue to support. Chris Martineau hit my feelings on the head:

    “I don’t like being manipulated or deceived. I do not cow-tow to threats and intimidation, and I do not negotiate with terrorists or liberals.

    And I absolutely WILL NOT vote for a big government liberal no matter what party ticket they run on anymore.

    In 2008 they said if I didn’t compromise my principles and vote for McCain, Obama would win the White House. America would be destroyed and the world would end. So I compromised my principles, held my nose, voted against my conscience for the lesser of two evils, and the Democrat won anyway.

    In 2010 they said if I didn’t compromise my principles and vote for the RINO congressman in Va that Democrats would win the HOR, America would be destroyed and the world would end. So I compromised my principles, held my nose, voted against my conscience for the lesser of two evils, and the Democrat won anyway.

    In 2012 and 2008 they said if I didn’t compromise my principles and vote for Romney, Obama would win the White House, America would be destroyed and the world would end. So I compromised my principles, held my nose, voted against my conscience for the lesser of two evils, and the Democrat won anyway.

    In 2014 they said if I didn’t compromise my principles and vote for the RINO GOP senator, Democrats would win the Senate, America would be destroyed and the world would end. So I compromised my principles, held my nose, voted against my conscience for the lesser of two evils, and the Democrat won anyway.

    Guess what line of argumentation I will NOT be buying into in 2016?

    I am tired of wasting my vote on big government liberals, just because they have an (R) after their name.

    Donald Trump is not a conservative, a constitutionalist or a Christian. Donald Trump is a pro-choice, big government liberal who has PROMISED to ignore the Constitutionally enumerated limitations on the office of the Presidency. Trump has not earned my vote.

    And he won’t get it.”

    “Authentic Conservatives will not vote for a RINO, and we will not vote for Donald Trump. Because principled people do not vote for unprincipled candidates – no matter how rich they are.

    And you can’t win the White House without us. Just ask Romney and McCain.

    If the GOP wants my vote they need to run an authentic Constitutional conservative. And it’s NOT that I prefer Hillary over Trump – it’s that I see absolutely no difference between the two.

    There will not be a wall, there will be no blanket moratorium on immigration, and there will be no house to house searches for Muslims or illegal aliens by federal troops under a Trump presidency.

    Because Congress and the Judiciary will never cooperate with these things. Nor should they – they are patently unconstitutional.
    Trump knows this. Trump knows his slogans and promises are deceptive and dishonest. Trump knows beleaguered and disenfranchised populists will go along with him because he is rich, he is on TV, and he knows how to sell snake oil.

    What WILL happen under a Trump presidency:

    >International Mega Corporations will solidify their stranglehold on small businesses and use tax-payer dollar subsidies to price us out of the market
    >The working middle class will continue to disappear
    >Poverty and government dependence will continue at record levels
    >Corruption and back door deal making and the fattening of corporate coffers with taxpayer dollars will continue
    >The slaughter of the unborn will continue unabated
    >The border will remain porous so Trump’s corporate cronies can have their cheap labor and democrats will have their votes

    A Trump presidency will serve the nation no better than a Hillary Presidency. Donald Trump is LYING to us. His record PROVES it unequivocally.

    Trump has absolutely no intention of doing any of the things he is saying. His continuous flip flopping on core conservative issues and decades of collusion and financial support for the Clintons and the Democrats proves it.

    I am a Conservative, Constitutional Christian and I’m tired of choosing the lesser of two evils.”

    ~ Chris Martineau

  • Jeff Tucker

    Trump supporters remind me of Obama supporters. Hope and Change blah blah
    Make America Great Again. I wake up everyday thinking America is Great!!
    Trump = Crony Capitalism. Trump is the problem not the solution. I will vote for Cruz he is the only one who told Mitch McConnell he’s a liar to his face. I trust Cruz with the Supreme Court nominees.

  • Donna Stadler

    CRUZ CAN’T BEAT HILLARY, you dummies. All these posts about Cruz are such a waste of time. I think they’re written by paid people on Cruz’s team. I don’t even read them. Nobody puts it better than you, Joe Dan. Keep it up. Perhaps it will convince some who are not on the Cruz payroll. When Cruz loses, they’ll switch over to somebody else in the next election, hoping to get a gig on Fox News as a “republican strategist.”

    • Eddie Peuker

      You resort to Mindless dribble and name calling. You need to check Ted out, He is a better canidate with many polls showing him beating Hillary when t Rump fails. I contend Joe Dan is off course on this one. His rage is in charge and overrides his normal good sense. I understand, however we need to see beyond the rage and choose a consistant conservative like Ted Cruz Check him out! tedcruz.org

  • Well since this thread originally began we have had multiple primaries and it’s now obvious that not only can Cruz win but he is on his way. As long as Rubio stays in trump has a chance but if he drops, Cruz will start beating him handily. Look at Saturdays results. All the polls put trump ahead by 15-20 points. At the end of the night Cruz won 2 stars by 20 point margins and Trump won 2 by less than 4 points. I wonder what Trump supporters are thinking about him “softening” his position on immigration? I was very interested in Trump at the beginning but when I looked at his history – NOT what he has said in the last 18 months, I was very concerned. I think that by the time a person is in their mid 60s, they pretty well have their core principles established and to make a sudden 180 degree switch just sends up all sorts of red flags. When the opposition describes him as malleable, and they describe Cruz as standing solid on his principles, that’s a pretty black and white comparison.

  • Btw Donna, in almost every poll, Cruz beats Hillary but Trump doesn’t. I’m not a paid Cruz supporter and also not a dummy thank you. Name calling doesn’t support your position, this isn’t third grade.