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18718_lgEver since I voted for Ronald Reagan when I was 19 – I’ve always considered myself to be a conservative.  But I guess…. much like how “Liberal” at one time meant ‘freedom’—it appears the term conservative is undergoing it’s own transformation.

Jeb Bush says he’s conservative… so does Mitt Romney and John McCain, as does Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. The media calls them conservative too.  But the thing is this—I have nothing in common with these people. And quite frankly, this new conservatism ain’t for me.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 2.29.29 PM Since when do conservatives place more value on ‘promises’ from the inexperienced lawyers & professional politicians— over decades of achievement across multiple industries by a world-class businessman?

With a real economic collapse over the horizon—-unsustainable by the most optimistic of estimates….only one candidate discusses and demonstrates a firm understanding of the banking industry, currency devaluation, corporate inversions, and the repatriation of Trillions of American dollars that are currently hogtied overseas in AMERICAN political red tape.

But rather than focus on the financial —-we have a ridiculous debate system that encourages junior senators to argue over senate bills that did not pass, but somehow make them a hero.

dream_teamTrumps’s plans to bring in America’s best negotiators (aka the killers) to renegotiate our deals with China, Japan, Mexico et al—is reminiscent of 1992 Dream Team. Tired of losing, we sent NBA players to Olympics. Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, etc.

None of the other candidates are discussing the complexities we face in righting our economic ship… and it’s because they haven’t a clue.   In DC, they don’t need balanced budgets, there’s no urgency—-and they can work when it suits them….they get paid anyway.

Today’s NEW CONSERVATIVE demand more experience from their auto-mechanics… than they do their candidates for President of the United States.

I am not for one minute suggesting Donald Trump is a conservative….never have, never will—- but neither is he a liberal—-in fact, Trump is not an ideologue at all, Trump is a Pragmatist…a problem solver, and the best option for our collapsing nation.

MYTH DEBUNKING: Trump is NOT promoting government run or single-payor healthcare

I don’t believe a man’s first executive job should be to serve as President of the United States.  Executive jobs, even in smaller companies can be overwhelming to a rookie.


Since when do conservatives use children as props in political ads? Did we not condemn it when the Democrats did the same?

And since when is it conservative to make excuses for cheating? And turn a blind eye to lying? “It was just innocent cheating—everybody does it”

Since when is it conservative to claim objectivity, while rigging a conservative rating system (Conservative Review website) —I’m still waiting to hear how someone with an absentee rate of 25% can earn a ‘near perfect score’ of 97%.  It’s not mathematically possible without some serious number fudging.

Since when is it conservative to attack a pro-Israel website as I-stand-with-Israelantisemitic. My friends and I love and respect the people of Israel.

Since when is it conservative to destroy people like liberals. Trying to defeat an opponent is one thing—but a malicious character assassination is entirely another.

Using video clips ‘out of context’ from 20 years ago.  Such dirty, dirty tricks.

national_review_against_trumpI challenge you to point to a single professional politician that has EVER faced the full weight of our media apparatus in the same manner that’s coming down on Trump—the left media, the right media, the print media, the social media, the RNC, the DNC, George Soros.  Before Trump, it was Palin that took the harshest media flogging….but with all due respect to the governor, Trump has now passed her.   Even Sarah didn’t have a national magazine devote entire issues to her demise.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 6.31.49 PMstacked debate audience in South Carolina began booing Trump before he he could finish a sentence…. Almost comically, Jeb Bush was not boo’d once.  Trump look like The Man Alone against an Establishment that the voters freakin’ hate.

Talking heads say Trump Supporters not conservative. Good. Take your label and stick it where the sun don’t shine.   Apparently aside from preferring inexperienced politicians…..new conservatism means only showing up for the job you are being paid for– unless you have something better to do.

I don’t agree with everything Trump says nor the way he says it… but I agree with the important stuff.   And when the game is on the line—I don’t want a rookie as head coach.

The haters ironicaly  scream “Trump’s not conservative enough!!!” Yet our recent nominations were McCain and Romney.  But I think John Nolte of Breitbart put it best in this tweet:

Don’t tell us, show us—- what exactly have you done that qualifies you to save this country?


Hands down, next to the economy— and one of the focal points of the video—-there is no more important issue than illegal immigration— and getting control of our border. Americans have wanted to build a wall for decades—which is no less important as a lockable front door on your house.

But when you tried to pin down one of these politicians, whether it’s Cruz or Rubio….or even currently serving Republicans like Paul Ryan—- They all insist they are against amnesty—  but that’s about all the specifics you’re gonna get.    They all have varying definitions of the word.  And that’s where it gets intentionally blurry—- Each definition of amnesty seems to have some sort of consequences— but who knows that they are?  Maybe “No Dessert”?

The American people want illegals deported.  Period.  No clauses, exceptions, no sob stories….  And only Donald trump has the guts (or lack of donors) to say just that.

How about we get back to comparing resumes?


And because there is so much negative stuff about the Evil Trump, I thought I would leave you with this….a few of the Donald’s good deeds that have been largely swept under the rug.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 9.30.21 AM

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