INTERACTIVE: So where do you get YOUR news?

Lower Your Expectations on FOX News, Folks” – Rush Limbaugh

It’s become painfully obvious that as we head into the 2020 election year, we will be doing so without two of our primary media assets from 2016— Fox News and Drudge Report. And cable television has become the LAST place Americans go to get news.

The estimated combined total viewership of cable news is less than 5 million— leaving approximately 322 million Americans NOT watching.

Last year 33 Million Americans dropped cable and satellite TV, with more projected. And while Fox News remains the #1 Cable News channel—their viewership has dropped 20% from this time last last.

We won’t even discuss embarrassing collapse of the American newspaper industry…

So where do you get your news? How do you determine what is real and what is fake?

Please share your sources and techniques below in the comment section.

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