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Intellectual Froglegs Back to School Special (2014N5)

TROUBLE VIEWING? Click here to watch on Youtube OR Click here to watch on Popmodal. Al ‘not so’ Sharpton loves to be in the public eye, so we’re happy to oblige….  back by popular demand, it’s “Pronunciation Theater” with the Grammar...
Posted On 24 Aug 2014

“Froglegs To Go” – the Founders Club Fundraiser (VIDEO)

Those of you that can invest—even just a bit—will be recognized as the founding investors of IFL for perpetuity—on the Founders Page at Intellectual Froglegs.com (coming soon).  Your country will owe you a great debt….okay, that might be a stretch. LOL...
Posted On 27 Mar 2014

“I can’t sing & I can’t play, but I piss off a liberal every day” The Joe Dan Band?

by T. Anderson CD Baby MP3 player NOT AVAILABLE on mobile devices Okay there’s not really a “Joe Dan Band’, but in a previous life… our ninja hillbilly was a lead guitarist in a rock band. And the following player (just click play) is a collection of Joe...
Posted On 15 Aug 2014

Liberal Pudding and the proof within – IFL 2014 N4

TROUBLE VIEWING? Click here to watch on YouTube OR Click here to watch on Popmodal. ”The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers,” William Shakespeare,  Henry The Sixth, Part 2 Act 4   A man can dream can’t he?! LOL… We’ve all heard...
Posted On 10 Aug 2014

“Moderate? Or Just Silent?” Frogleg VIP: Wild Bill

Bill thanks the moderate Muslims for speaking out against Islamic violence…..if there are any. Thank you for your kind DONATIONS.
Posted On 24 Jul 2014
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Frogleg’s Feature: SITC-”The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions”

Eric Metaxas and Socrates in the City present an evening with Dr. David Berlinski at the Union League Club in New York City.  …Thank you for your kind DONATIONS.
Posted On 22 Jul 2014
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“The Wild Goose Festival-Can Democrat Christians Control the Culture?” Frogleg VIP: Alfonzo Rachel

Zo has been trying to get Conservatives to appeal to the culture for years. Christians listened to him…the progressive ones. They started their own music and arts festival, called Wild Goose. Find out why it’s imperative for Conservatives to do the same. Yes,...
Posted On 19 Jul 2014
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“Washington Redskins and Liberal Judges” Frogleg VIP: Wild Bill

Politically correct bullies of the left are after the Redskins. Bill takes a stand. Thank you for your kind DONATIONS.
Posted On 18 Jul 2014
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Frogleg Feature: The Great SITC Debate “Homeless Monkey Q&A”

An excerpt from the Great SITC Debate on September 13, 2010 featuring Eric Metaxas as the host and Dinesh D’Souza and Peter Singer debating on the topic “Is God the Source of Morality?” Buy the CD:  The Great SITC Debate: Is God the Source of Morality? –...
Posted On 12 Jul 2014
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“Why Katrina Busses Weren’t Ready, But Illegal Immigrant Busses Are” Frogleg VIP: Alfonzo Rachel

Busses would have helped bring New Orleans folks out during Hurricane Katrina, but they were left hangin’. Now the Department of Homeland Security sure has busses–they’re using them to bus illegal immigrants all over the nation. Zo’s worried that...
Posted On 11 Jul 2014
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“Smart Cars?” Frogleg VIP: Wild Bill

After following a “Smart” car down the highway, Bill has some thoughts. Thank you for your kind DONATIONS!
Posted On 10 Jul 2014
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Frogleg’s Feature: SITC-”David & Goliath w/ Malcolm Gladwell”

Metaxas & best-selling phenomenon Malcolm Gladwell discuss his latest book, David and Goliath, along the way touching on acromegaly, getting busted at immigration, the “practical” side of “grace”, Chuck Colson, “stop and frisk”, the...
Posted On 05 Jul 2014
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“Knee Deep In Dependence on Independence Day” Frogleg VIP: Alfonzo Rachel

Can we still celebrate Independence Day, even though Americans have become so dependent on others. Watch this ZoNation to see his answer. And, who knows? Maybe we can all have star-spangled cheeseburgers anyway! Thank you for your kind DONATION!
Posted On 04 Jul 2014
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Frogleg’s Feature: SITC-Metaxas Interviews Cal Thomas & Bob Beckel

For the first time in SITC history, Metaxas interviews not one, but two guests! Columnist Cal Thomas & political pundit Bob Beckel are political adversaries-AND good friends. Be prepared for surprisingly poignant moments amidst lively banter in a conversation centered around...
Posted On 28 Jun 2014
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“Left Wing Racists!” Frogleg VIP: Wild Bill

Want to stop left wing racism? Bill has a bold suggestion. Thanks for your kind DONATIONS!
Posted On 28 Jun 2014
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“A Utopia Without Borders?” Frogleg VIP: Alfonzo Rachel

The USA is a horrible, land-grabbing, unprogressive, bigoted, and unequal country right? Right?!? …Oh wait, there’s thousands of people crossing the borders illegally. But why would they want to come to this awful place…hmmm… Hear more in this ZoNation....
Posted On 28 Jun 2014
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“One Pissed Off Gunslinger” Frogleg VIP: Wild Bill

Gunslinger 454 tells it like it is about the Boy Scout situation! Thank you, so much, for your kind DONATIONS!
Posted On 25 Jun 2014
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Frogleg’s Feature: SITC-Man and Woman with Alice von Hildebrand

“You’re not going to have an easy time. Because I’m going to put you on the hot seat.” So declares our first nonagenarian guest, Alice von Hildebrand, to Socrates host Eric Metaxas as they begin this conversation about her life and writings. If you think...
Posted On 22 Jun 2014
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“Obama, So Smart He Makes Things Worse…” Frogleg VIP: Alfonzo Rachel

Obama was supposed to be the smart successor to Bush. He was supposed to rid the nation of the stupidity of the of the previous 8 years. But.. Oh wait, emails were deleted from a scandalous suspect? Hillary made the ‘hard choice’ to wonder what Benghazi matters? And,...
Posted On 21 Jun 2014
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“The One Nation Under God Highway” Frogleg VIP: Wild Bill

America is in trouble because she took a hard left turn off the The One Nation Under God Highway onto the wrong road. Bill says, “Let’s turn this bus around!”
Posted On 21 Jun 2014
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