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TruthFest 2014-A Game Changing Event, Coming Very Soon!

TruthFest 2014‘s is an event, hosted by Rage Against The Media, aimed to ARM people with TRUTH, EMPOWER them with tactics that work, and INSPIRE them to SHINE A LIGHT OF TRUTH where ever there are lies. In the media, in entertainment, in academia, and in our everyday lives–where ever there are lies to combat, […] Read more

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Inviting God back into America – Please join us

Followers of Jesus from around the state of Tennessee and beyond will be gathering on Oct. 5th at 5pm at Legislative Plaza in downtown Nashville. With over 100 churches… There will be known public leaders, pastors and singers participating, however, this is a nameless and faceless event in order to give our entire focus to no […] Read more

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Movie Review: One Generation Away (documentary)

First off, this is not a movie you’re going to find at your local theater— you’ll likely need to look for it at a church. And if they don’t already know about it, you need to tell your church about EchoLight Cinema Productions, an entertainment media that is providing a quality alternative to the crap coming out of Hollywood. This […] Read more

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Climate Change Fruitbats! Communists & Socialists, & Fascists Oh My!

Today’s environmentalists Sunday, New York was infested by even more than usual left-wing fruitbats (Obama voters). The “People’s Climate March,” a freak-show of hypocrites, communists, socialists, fascists, and other assorted degenerates — in other words: progressives. What did they want? To end capitalism, obviously. Communists were demanding the end to capitalism…by selling their materials?  LOL Litter […] Read more

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DAY ONE IN AMERICA: Bus of Illegals get passports in Memphis (video)

video recorded by Mike Morrison, Arlington, Tennessee



 Frogleg VIP’s


“Work Place Islam” VIP: Wild Bill

When a Muslim tries to convert you to Islam, it is not just an invitation. It may also be a death threat. SHOW MORE. Froglegs thanks you for your kind DONATIONS!

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“The Climate Marchers are Really Earth Worshipers!” Frogleg VIP: Alfonzo Rachel

VIDEO: The recent climate change marchers in NY aren’t environmentalists, they’re Earth worshipers. Hear Zo explain why their actions won’t help. Froglegs Thanks you for the kind DONATIONS!

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“Obama as Bart Simpson” Frogleg VIP: Chuck Woolery

Save Us Chuck: Game show legend Chuck Woolery discusses how President Obama is acting like Bart Simpson by not taking the blame for anything. Froglegs thanks you for your kind DONATIONS.



Higher Education

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“Milton Friedman Speaks” – Myths That Conceal Reality

 Milton Friedman should be taught in every school. But since he is an economic realist, with opinions based on history in conjunction with human behavior—the left ignores this dude.. Of course, for the left’s policies to EVER have a chance at succeeding, humanity must behave in unison as robotic chattel—which of course, is the fatal […] Read more


Islam’s ‘important and influencial’ Moderates – a smack down

The ‘real-world’ impact of the moderate muslim has never been so eloquently put into perspective, as demonstrated here by author Brigitte Gabriel, a US citizen who grew up in the middle east.  In short, an epic smack-down.

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FACING HISTORY: Why the world fears Islam… by Dr Bill Warner

Installment #2 of our series: “Facing History: What is Islam?” by Dr. Bill Warner. Some of Dr. Bill’s credentials are below. Islam has a rich history of violence and death.   The history of Islam in Europe and how it effects us to this day. This is a history based on numbers and facts that you may not […] Read more

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A Rational Study of Radical Islam, by Dr. Bill Warner

Installment #1 of our series: “What is Islam?” by Dr. Bill Warner. Some of Dr. Bill’s credentials are below. Dr. Bill Warner knows his stuff…and the video is a thoughtful and factual overview of the sacred texts of islam, and it answers many common questions.. Bill Warner holds a PhD in physics and math, NC State University, […] Read more

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