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The Frogleg Minute(ish) – Turtlehead Edition (07.31.15)

Trouble Viewing? Click here to watch on YouTube. Click here to watch on PopModal (active when available). Mitch McConnell is a disgrace and a sell out… but then again so is John Boehner.  At least Harry Reid and Pelosi didn’t pretend to be conservative.  The Republican leadership passes EVERYTHING Obama wants. And when Ted Cruz calls out […] Read more

FL Minute

The Frogleg Minute – 07.24.15

Trouble Viewing? Click here to watch on YouTube or Click here to watch on PopModal Let me know what you think o the shorter format.


Cruz: Captain Kirk was a conservative

Ted Cruz told the New York Times that he identified with Star Trek’s Captain Kirk more than Captain Picard because he felt that Kirk was more of a conservative and Picard more of a liberal. Kirk is working class; Picard is an aristocrat. Kirk is a passionate fighter for justice; Picard is a cerebral philosopher. […] Read more

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The Official Unicorn Cookbook – IFL 07.20.15

TROUBLE VIEWING? Click here to watch on YouTube. Click here to watch on Popmodal. Things are pretty much as you expect in Liberal Land…. An Islam attack at a gun-free zone left 5 of our servicemen dead. The media is wringing their hands as they try to figure out a motive. Why would an angry […] Read more

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Regulated Freedom – IFL 07.08.15

TROUBLE VIEWING? Click here to watch on YouTube. Click here to watch on Popmodal. I’m afraid America is not circling the drain…a big chunk of us is already in it. And it can best be summed up by a recent headline from Huffington Post… “Liberals just had an amazing week at the Supreme Court” When […] Read more



 Frogleg VIP’s


“Liberals’ Outrageous Attack…” Frogleg VIP: AlfonZo Rachel

 CJ Pearson became an internet hit after he joined Rudy Giuliani in questioning Obama’s love of America. Hear why liberals like Common are seeking revenge against this black conservative prodigy. See more at Froglegs thanks you for your kind DONATIONS!


“Welfare Tough Love” Frogleg VIP: Wild Bill

 Welfare was never meant to be a career. Bill has some ideas for the good of everybody. Froglegs thanks you for your kind DONATIONS!

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“Obama’s AR-15″ Frogleg VIP: Chuck Woolery

A Save Us Chuck Woolery Minute. Chuck Woolery discusses Obama’s back-door move to repress AR-15 ownership by limiting the purchase of ammunition for the guns. Also: Chuck Woolery’s Blunt Force Truth Podcast. Froglegs thanks you for your kind DONATIONS!



Higher Education


“It’s Evening in Sodom” Pastor Steve Berger, Grace Chapel

A biblical discussion in light of the Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage. For nearly 30 years, Steve Berger’s ministry has been marked by authenticity and relevance.  He is the founding pastor of Grace Chapel in Leipers Fork, TN, and is known for his straight-talk in the pulpit. He is an author and conference […] Read more


Why we must support Israel- God’s people

“The Deception of the Nations” Guest speaker Amir Tsarfati, (bio below) Amir introduced at the 55:50 mark ABOUT AMIR TSARFATI Amir was born to a Jewish family in Jerusalem. He grew up in the Jerusalem area and heard about the Messiah while living with a foster family as a high school senior. It was when […] Read more


Milton Friedman on Socialized Medicine (video)

Nobel Laureate Economist Milton Friedman explores the unsettling dynamics set into motion when government imposes itself into the health care system. (1978) Friedman was an economic adviser to Republican U.S. President Ronald Reagan. His political philosophy extolled the virtues of a free market economic system with minimal intervention.

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Thomas Sowell “Ebola and Obama”

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is both a danger in itself and a wake-up call for Americans — about President Obama, about the institutions of this country and, most important, about ourselves. There was a time when an outbreak of a deadly disease overseas would bring virtually unanimous agreement that our top priority should […] Read more

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“Milton Friedman Speaks” – Myths That Conceal Reality

 Milton Friedman should be taught in every school. But since he is an economic realist, with opinions based on history in conjunction with human behavior—the left ignores this dude.. Of course, for the left’s policies to EVER have a chance at succeeding, humanity must behave in unison as robotic chattel—which of course, is the fatal […] Read more

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Islam’s ‘important and influencial’ Moderates – a smack down

The ‘real-world’ impact of the moderate muslim has never been so eloquently put into perspective, as demonstrated here by author Brigitte Gabriel, a US citizen who grew up in the middle east.  In short, an epic smack-down.

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