Three Donation Options

Thank you for supporting new media. I’m not here because some media executive polled a sample group…. I’m here because not only have you allowed me to stick around—you’ve made me feel welcome on your digital screens.

I previously mentioned that I’ve turned down a couple of corporate affiliations, not because I have anything against corporations…. not at all. It’s because I have something against compromising my core beliefs, which I refuse to do.  I would be delighted to work with a corporate entity that won’t require that compromise.

I know some of you guys have sent $5 when you are as broke as I am.  God bless you, and I will try not to let you down..

If you have any questions, or problems, please drop a line. And here are your 3 options:

Option One – Donate Now with Paypal

Option Two – Personal Check

Snail mail to:

JoeDanMedia/Intellectual Froglegs
P.O. Box 681854
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Make check payable to “JoeDanMedia” – Cash is also accepted. 

Option Three – regularly scheduled monthly donations


The only way to accept monthly donations is for you to subscribe via the options below.  If you would like an option not listed, let me know.


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